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Sup de pub : 7 good reasons to enter

Sup de Pub is a pioneering communication school with more than 36 years of experience! Created in 1986, Sup de Pub is a school with more than 5500 students. We have trained more than 13,000 students, who are involved in the daily communication of the biggest brands.

We are committed to training our students through the most immersive pedagogy possible, developed with market stakeholders in our 4 campuses in France and our 45 partnerships abroad. Our speakers are all from the professional world. In addition, many influential personalities from the economic, political and social spheres appear at conferences each year.

From the first post-baccalaureate year, students are confronted with exercises in real conditions and concrete cases. They are thus immersed in an extraordinary professional environment, learning all the steps involved in designing a communication campaign. Whether on an internship, a work-study program or after graduating, students arrive on the market fully aware of the challenges of their future profession. Thanks to this, 93% of our students find a job within six months of their studies!

Our 23 Bac+4/+5 specialties offer students a wide choice of professions. This will allow them to become experts in their field when they enter the job market.

It is now possible to do a work-study program starting in the third year to specialize more quickly. We are convinced that the immediate application of skills in the workplace is the best complement to our immersive teaching method. In the 1st and 2nd years, our students are on internship between 2 and 4 months of the year.

Sup de Pub is also a creative school, because creation is an integral part of the communication sector. 47% of the French prizes in major international competitions (Cannes Lions) were awarded to alumni of the school.

For Anne-Françoise Stasser, director of Sup de Pub: “Sup de Pub is an organic school, in perpetual growth and in constant search of pedagogical innovations. It is a place of observation and exchange around the major themes of communication.”


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Innovation and Immersion, the key words of our pedagogy

Sup de Pub is constantly innovating in its teaching methods by creating adapted and original modules, in phase with current events and professional reality. Sup de Pub’s training is directly operational and develops the students’ ability to work in emergency and real conditions.

The educational experiences offered by the school take the form of competitions and seminars. Dive with us into the daily life of our students with this video of the great competition of…

A word from the director


The world is moving. The digital technological transition and the societal transition towards more sense/responsibility/ethics are accelerating. These transitions also have an impact on the company, which is acquiring a societal raison d’être, or even a mission. It becomes contributory.

The purely “commercial” enterprise has no future. These changes also explode the agenda of our communication-marketing sector. As proof, “Les États Généraux de la Communication”, the “FAIRe” program of the UDM, the initiatives of the ARPP, the Ademe, the “Vivatech” trade show… Communication is being called upon to play a new role. On the bangs of sales and promotional activities, it is called upon to accelerate the emergence of new attitudes and the adoption of more responsible behavior.

Communication, with all its disciplines, is mobilized for its efficiency and its capacity to move the lines massively, this time in the service of societal change.

Activities that make sense.

These new approaches, which are both responsible and efficient, and often very digital, create a real call for new talent and know-how. That’s good timing! Today’s students want to put their energy into activities that are both meaningful and interesting. To accompany this movement, schools are also in the process of renewal. On our side, first of all, we are further strengthening the direct and permanent link with the sector that is our DNA. Via our teachers (professionals in communication, creation, marketing, digital, media…). Through our active partnerships with companies and institutions in the form of projects and events, in which our students participate massively (the “do to learn”).

Then we accelerate on the immersion (internships,
alternations, events…) in the professional world (agencies, media, advertisers, digital players…). To experience the life of the company, to feel on the spot the multiplicity-complexity of the stakes, the people, the solutions. Contribute concretely.

Last year, more than 3,000 work-study/internship contracts were signed within Sup de Pub. Another strong trend is the opening to the world. To make our students agile, confident, and adapted to future changes, numerous high-level masterclasses from various backgrounds regularly impregnate them with these new visions.

Finally, there is a strong demand for specialized business expertise. Jobs are multiplying at the pace of technological and societal progress. We have therefore also multiplied these specialty courses, each one must be an expert and operational in its vertical. These lessons definitely promote employability. By 2022, we have over 50 different 4th and 5th year honors programs!

Everything is in place for the planets of youth, business and society to align in our galaxy!

Anne-Françoise Stasser, Director of the Sup de Pub school

Anne-Françoise Stasser, Director of Sup de Pub

The omnes education group

Integrated since 1994 into the OMNES Education Group (formerly INSEEC), Sup de Pub now benefits from a powerful network of partner universities in France and abroad. The Omnes Education network has more than 40,000 students, 180 alumni, from 13 schools, in all sectors.

Updated 26 May 2023