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Do you want to benefit from a versatile training ? At the same time, you want to specialize in marketing and sales strategies? Joining a business school is an excellent alternative to meet your needs. However, your access to this type of establishment must be prepared well in advance. Find out how to get into marketing school.

In summary:

  • A good marketing school usually offers a multi-faceted education.
  • It allows you to master business, marketing, finance, communication and advertising.
  • Its integration is prepared since the baccalaureate.
  • Marketing schools offer many opportunities.
  • Admission is generally by competitive examination or by selection of files.

What is a marketing school?

A marketing school is an institution that gives you the opportunity to do your graduate studies in marketing and related fields. Coming out of this type of school, you should normally be versatile. In addition to marketing, you need to master business, finance, communication and advertising.

Why go to a marketing school ?

If a large number of students choose toenter a marketing school, it is because it offers them many opportunities. After graduating from a marketing school, you can enter various professions. In addition, the training courses offered are most often professional.

What’s also great about marketing schools is that they allow you to gain experience faster. To do this, some of them have a partnership with large companies. Others even give their students the opportunity to grow internationally by partnering with foreign companies.

Many marketing schools such as Supdepub also offer work-study programs. This is to give you the opportunity to earn a degree while working. Many students benefit from a first professional experience while pursuing their higher education.

How do I get into a marketing school?

Your entry into a marketing school is prepared since the baccalaureate. To be able to join one, you must have a general, professional or technological baccalaureate. With the baccalaureate reforms, it’s ideal to go for the math you still need in marketing school.

Also, most marketing schools require candidates to pass a competitive exam, after which the best are taken. Others require admission by file selection. Very often, these establishments ask you to pass an interview.

What do you learn in a marketing school?

What you learn in marketing school are the business strategies used to maximize sales. You can sell a product, a brand or a service. For all these cases, themarketing school teaches you to be effective in developing your plans, programs and strategies. The main goal is to develop your business or that of the company you work for.

What are the career opportunities after a marketing school?

Very often, graduates of a marketing school are able to find a job immediately after graduation. This is especially true for students who have opted for an apprenticeship contract. Since marketing schools often require internships, students develop their professional network early on.

If you choose a work-study program, the company where you work may keep you on as a permanent employee. The great thing about marketing is that you can move from one job to another without much difficulty. Your marketing school education is usually comprehensive and versatile.

At first, you can then start as an assistant in a company. With time and a little experience, you can rise to the position of manager, then executive and finally director. In the best of cases, you can even choose to be a contractor.

How to get into Sup de Pub, school of marketing and communication?

If you want to enter SupdePub to study marketing and/or communication, you need to pass a competitive exam. So, if you want to see the list of programs available in the school, come to our site. For more information, please visit the FAQ section of the site.

What are the marketing programs of Sup de Pub?

It is possible to follow a marketing program at SupdePub. You just need to know which materials to choose. For example, you can opt for a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Marketing, Innovation and Start-ups.


Updated 11 March 2024