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Inside Sup de Pub: a place to meet influential people

Sup de Pub welcomes influential guests all year long who are in the news in the media, politics and communication. These conferences are generally devoted to current topics. Thanks to its reputation, Sup de Pub enjoys a good reputation with leading companies and brands in the market and carries out educational collaborations with them (conferences, competitions, bootcamps, workshops etc…): Sephora, Unesco, Fred & Farid Paris, Havas Paris, Publicis, Facebook, Twitter, NRJ, etc…

Students, whether in theirfirst or fifth year, all have unmissable meetings with leading professionals at the school. To increase their network, to get internships, or simply to meet and exchange with personalities of the sector. Directors, TV presenters, Chefs, Reporters, Bosses, Entrepreneurs and Globe-Trotters, they all came to the school!

The Masterclass is again an opportunity to welcome many influential players in the industry. Every year, Sup de Pub Paris organizes Mastersclasses: a week of conferences with personalities from the communication, marketing, media and digital industries. In 2021, the Masterclass was placed under the sign of digital: all the conferences were broadcasted live for the students and recorded from a studio. These Masterclasses are an opportunity for 5th year students to meet industry professionals in a friendly setting and to benefit from their experiences. These influential personalities share, debate, advise and deliver their vision of the world with charisma and professionalism.

Among the experts who joined us: Christophe Lemaitre, best runner in France, Haroun, comedian and actor, Dominique Besnehard, artist agent and actor, Alex Jaffray, music designer, Thibaut Gemignani, CEO of Figaro Classifieds, Maxime Delmas, CEO of Creapills and many more!

Our expert afterworks

The Experts’ Afterworks are meetings with influential personalities from the sector, experts who come to discuss a particular theme with their very personal verbatim. Filmed up close in the very private setting of the Studio Sup de Pub, they lend themselves to the game of an interview not quite like the others. Find all our videos on our Youtube channel.

Afterworks Expert #1 – BFM TV – Christophe Jakubyszyn

Afterworks Expert #2 – Maurice Levy – Président du Conseil de surveillance de Publicis

Afterworks Expert #3 – Cécile Chambaudrie – Présidente de NRJ Global

Outside Sup de Pub : at the key actors of the market

Several schemes allow students to meet the most influential players in the communication, marketing and digital sectors. Partnerships with various companies offer students the chance to visit their premises and share their experience during seminars. Thanks to this device, the students could for example go during 5 days in the heart of the Station F, this magic place where the students in web management were in contact with the biggest companies of the digital world! These immersions were also done in the premises of The Family, a Parisian incubator, atEcole 42 during a hackathon, at Instagram where students optimized their knowledge of the tool on stories: the proof in pictures!

Sup de Pub: a media partner


Find our most beautiful educational initiatives. Sup de Pub and Influencia join forces to decipher in the “Innovative Classroom” section all the news from the school and the projects carried out by the students.

Discover also with this media the Marqueurs project, led by Safia Caré, a teacher at the school, her students and many artists.

The Brand Immersion : Le Club des Annonceurs x Sup de Pub x Insights by Kantar x INfluencia

Chaque année, l’étude #TheBrandImmersion (Le Club des Annonceurs x Insights by Kantar x INfluencia) révèle les tendances et les courants de fond du secteur de la communication et du marketing. Cette année, elle s’est déroulée aux Beaux-Arts de Paris le 16 novembre dernier. Trois de nos étudiants ont eu l’opportunité de prendre la parole sur scène pour une restitution de workshop et d’études tournés autour de 3 sujets : un monde complexe, un monde limité, un monde incertain.


Découvrez également avec Influencia, le projet Marqueurs, mené par Safia Caré, intervenante à l’école, ses étudiants et de nombreux artistes.


In prospective com’, a section of Sup de Pub in Challenges magazine, students, former students and professionals from the communication and marketing sector give their vision of the future of the profession!

ELLE Campus

Elle Magazine creates Elle Campus. A rich partnership which, during the whole month of March, brings advice, coaching, conferences to students and high school students, all at self-service. Find the interventions of teachers of the school!


Thanks to this partnership, Sup de Pub was able to offer its students a rich content and distinguished guests ranging from Jacques Séguéla to Mercedès Erra! The “Issues” programs were filmed on the Paris campus of Sup de Pub! Find all the programs on the Reclamation website or watch a clip here.

Updated 8 June 2023