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Want to choose the perfect place to live for the duration of your graduate studies? Paris is an excellent choice for many students for several reasons:

  • First of all, Paris is the capital of France and is therefore a little more open to the world. What better way to study communication?
  • It is also the capital of fashion, which is a source of great pleasure and entertainment for many students.
  • then, Paris is full of historical monuments and infrastructures. It is a city rich in history and cultural elements. It also has the necessary infrastructure to facilitate your travel and make your stay more enjoyable.
  • Finally, it is a city full of life that offers all kinds of activities. These also correspond to all age groups.

Why study in a communication school in Paris?

Are you wondering why you should attend a communications school in Paris? There are many reasons to study here, especially if it’s in communications. Among the most obvious are the following:

  • Enjoy a rich cultural life

As the capital of France, Paris has a rich cultural life. You will find a large number of monuments that are the pride of France and that represent it. Obviously, studying in Paris provides you with an excellent environment in which to grow and develop your studies.

  • Have a wide choice of schools

Paris has a large number of communication schools. In addition, they have a reputation for being good for the most part. Especially since the infrastructures are generally numerous and comfortable. They are indeed designed to ensure that students are in the best conditions to succeed in their projects and obtain their degrees.

  • Many activities available

To study communication, Paris is an ideal city. With the many activities offered, meetings and interactions are encouraged. You will have a lot of fun applying what you learn in class, developing your interpersonal and communication skills.

Does Sup de Pub offer financial aid to study in Paris?

Do you dream of studying in Paris, but fear financial difficulties in the long term? By integrating Sup de Pub, you may be subject to certain aids. Here are some of those that Sup de Pub attributes to its students.

A merit scholarship

At Sup de Pub, we offer tuition discounts for students who have obtained excellent results in the baccalaureate. They are 30% for those who received a very good mention, while they are 20% for a good mention.

A flat rate reduction of 500 euros

There are also social grants that Sup de Pub offers to its students. This is a flat rate reduction of 500 euros on tuition fees. However, in order to benefit from it, students must have a certificate from the CROUS to prove their eligibility for the grant.

A scholarship for high-level athletes

The Paris School of Communication of Sup de Pub also offers a scholarship for high-level athletes. It can amount to up to 1500 euros.

Loans at preferential rates

If you want to take out a student loan to finance your studies in the communication school of Sup de Pub in Paris, we also have partner banks that are ready to grant you loans at preferential rates.

What are the training programs of the Sup de Pub Paris campus?

If you are studying communication at Sup de Pub in Paris, your training will take place as follows from the baccalaureate to the baccalaureate + 5.

  • In the first year, you take courses designed to introduce you to the field ;
  • In the second year, you must deepen your knowledge of the first year;
  • It is in the third year that you can specialize. Many branches are then taught in communication school in Paris. It is among these that you will choose your specialization. This may include digital, events, media, production and political communication;
  • In the fourth and fifth years, you have the right to take a sandwich course in order to gain 2 years of professional experience before graduating.

Is a work-study program possible at Sup de Pub Paris?

At Sup de Pub Paris, work-study training is not only possible, but is an acquired right. As soon as you enter the4th year, you can follow your training in alternation until the end of your studies in the 5th year to professionalize you and allow you to be operational as soon as you leave our establishment.

The work-study program can also allow you to have your studies financed at 100% during your last two years of study. However, it depends on how lucky you are with the company that offers you your internship. In any case, the State recognizes the diplomas we deliver at Sup de Pub. At the end of your training, you will also have 2 years of professional experience. For more information, we invite you to consult our site and to go to our FAQ section.


Updated 11 March 2024