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Communication is a branch not to be neglected in a company. It guarantees its brand image, its notoriety and its visibility. A well-developed and effective strategy requires the expertise of the Communications Manager. We will present you in a few lines the good reasons to choose this profession and the advantages it offers. We also invite you to discover the training options available for a career in this field.

What is a Communication Manager?

The Communication Managermanages the communication department of a company. This includes internal and external communication. Its main role is to highlight the brand image of its employer to distinguish it from its competitors. It is responsible for determining a strategy adapted to the defined objectives.

He leads the necessary campaigns to improve the visibility of the brand. He also takes care of the dissemination part, i.e. the choice of the channels, the mode of communication. It determines the values and messages to be transmitted to the chosen targets.

This communications expert manages partnerships and finds new opportunities to associate them with his brand. It ensures that future collaborations remain consistent with the company’s visions and policies. He assures that they can bring added value to the latter. He/she develops and designs with his/her team the various information media useful for the communication project.

His role is important for a company, because it is the first guarantor of its brand image. A mistake on his part can be costly. In addition, he directs and coordinates all communications operations. He is the link between the media, management and their clients.

What are the missions of the Communication Manager?

The job of Communication Manager requires versatility. This communications leader has many responsibilities. They sometimes vary from one employer to another. In its entirety, its missions are the following:

  • it enhances the brand image of his company;
  • It defines a communication strategy and action plans according to the company’s objectives;
  • it manages the different forms of useful communication;
  • He develops marketing actions to promote the identity of the company or the launch of a product;
  • It designs communication tools in line with its strategy;
  • He is in charge of the communication supports with a team of designers: posters, panels, brochures, presentation documents and annual reports;
  • he leads the advertising campaigns;
  • he organizes the different important events of the company;
  • he is in charge of the relationship with the press;
  • he supervises all the Web communication;
  • He is in contact with the providers he has carefully chosen and manages them;
  • He coordinates the activities and makes a planning of the interventions;
  • It chooses the values and messages to be conveyed and ensures their consistency with the objectives;
  • He oversees the writing of press releases, important documents and even textual content to be published on the Web.

Why become a Communications Manager?

The profession of Communication Manager has always attracted many students. This sector has evolved enormously, giving way to numerous techniques and tools. By choosing this job, you are at the heart of the evolutions and witness the positive changes in the market.

If you want to work in an exciting field, this is the best career choice.

The creative part also makes it interesting.

On the other hand, it is a more than essential agent in a structure, whatever its size. All sectors require its help and expertise to develop their activities. This means that the profession still promises a flourishing future. Once you have completed your studies, you will have choices in terms of opportunities.

The position of Communications Manager is also open-ended. It can lead to the position of Director of Communications.

How much does a Communications Manager earn?

The Communication Manager is well paid, especially if he/she works in a large company. At the beginning of his career, he earned between 40,000 and 42,000 euros in a year. At this point, it is already between 3,300 and 3,500 euros per month.

In the course of a career, the salary increases to 45,000 or even 60,000 euros per year. This means that he pockets 5,000 euros gross per month. For a senior profile, it is possible to earn more than this.

What are the educational requirements to become a Communications Manager?

If you want to become a communication manager, you should join an advertising school such as Sup de Pub. We train our students to become the elite in the communication and marketing sector. We have a variety of programs and specializations to prepare you for a career in this field. This includes:

  • SP3 Global Communication;
  • SP3 Communication & Writing;
  • the Communication & Audiovisual Production specialization;
  • the Communication & Graphic Design specialization ;
  • the Brand Advertising Communication specialization.
Updated 6 June 2023