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An advertising campaign is always beneficial for a company. It allows you to broadcast your brand image or to highlight your flagship products. However, it can be less effective if the strategy is not well thought out. To ensure its effectiveness, the involvement of the Project Manager / Advertising Manager is required. In this article, we will tell you about this job and its benefits. We also guide students on the appropriate educational choices to get to this position.

What is a Project Manager / Advertising Manager?

The Project Manager / Advertising Manager is the main actor in the development of an advertising operation. It is involved in the design phase of the campaign. To do so, he analyzes the needs of his employer and defines the desired objectives. He determines with him the budget necessary for the project. Then, he participates in the implementation and follow-up of actions.

Its objective is to guarantee the performance of an advertising campaign, i.e. to reach the defined objective without exceeding the imposed budget. It analyzes the tools and levers to be used to promote a product, a service or the brand. In order to find the best campaign strategy, he must have a thorough understanding of the product or service elements.

When launching a brand, it must understand its history, values and vision. Based on this, he establishes a detailed specification. When everything is validated, he collaborates with the technical and artistic teams for the creation phase. This includes directors, storytellers and graphic designers.

The Project Manager/Advertising Manager oversees all creative work until the campaign is completed. At the same time, he manages the relationship with the client, the time and the budget.

What are the missions of the Project Manager / Advertising Manager?

The missions of the Project Manager / Advertising Manager are numerous. They vary depending on the employer. In a small structure, he is versatile, he is in charge of the whole advertising pole. On the other hand, in a large company, his tasks are limited. Here is a non-exhaustive list of its functions:

  • It monitors the market to determine trends;
  • it analyzes and studies the product or service to understand it well;
  • He determines with his client the objectives of the campaign according to his expectations;
  • He/she establishes a campaign strategy in line with his/her employer’s objectives;
  • it chooses the best channels for the diffusion of the publicity and to reach the maximum of targets;
  • He writes a specification that includes the message, the delivery time, the budget and the target;
  • he leads creative teams;
  • it follows and supervises the creation stages;
  • establishes and manages a schedule for results;
  • He makes sure that the specifications, the budget and the deadline are respected;
  • it manages unforeseen events and is responsible for finding solutions quickly;
  • He may be required to do prospecting and to conduct negotiations.

Why become a Project Manager / Advertising Manager?

The field of advertising has always been attractive, especially to young people. The job of Project Manager / Advertising Manager remains above all a creative job. If you are already a passionate person, this is a great vocation. You will never get bored or monotonous, because you will love what you do.

On the other hand, this is a progressive position. After several years, you have the possibility of becoming a group leader. You will have more responsibility, because you will be leading a larger team. Once you have mastered the trade, you will be free to practice as an independent. You can even create your own advertising agency.

How much does a Project Manager / Advertising Manager earn?

The compensation for a Project Manager / Advertising Manager is generous even at the entry level. It is between 2,400 and 3,000 € per month. The average salary is €45,000 gross per year. A senior executive can pocket up to €6,000 or more, depending on the size of the company.

What are the requirements to become a Project Manager / Advertising Manager?

To do this job, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in communication and advertising. At our advertising school Sup de Pubyou will find many adapted programs. We train future advertising managers. These include the specializations:

  • Communication & Audiovisual production ;
  • Art Direction & Visual Design ;
  • Communication & Graphic Design ;
  • Design-Editing;
  • Brand advertising communication;
  • Marketing, management and media production.

Upon completion of the training, you will receive the RNCPlevel 7title , a state-recognized diploma. It takes place on a sandwich course, which allows you to combine your studies with a professional life.

Updated 8 March 2023