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The success of a site is guaranteed by its traffic rate. It is important to manage it well, the goal being to ensure its progress. This is the domain of the traffic manager. It is a profession full of challenges and opportunities. Here is everything you need to know about its role and missions. We will also discuss its advantages and strengths compared to other Web professions.

What is a traffic manager?

The job of traffic manager combines Internet and advertising. As the name suggests, it is about the traffic manager or visitor flow. This expert in digital communication ensures the development of an online business through well-honed strategies. He sets up advertising campaigns and ensures their performance.

The traffic manager elaborates all the visual contents of the site. This includes banners, banner ads and popups. He chooses the messages to be transmitted and the products to be promoted. It monitors actions, their results and performance. It guarantees the continuity of the campaigns by deleting obsolete content.

It studies and analyzes data related to the flow of visits. To do so, he has at his disposal efficient digital tools and precise statistics. Its objective is to detect flaws and weaknesses in order to carry out adjustment actions.

All these actions contribute to improving the brand image and the e-reputation of its sponsor. They also improve the conversion rate and therefore the turnover. The traffic manager can wear several hats, including community manager, web marketer and web content writer.

In a large structure, he plays the role of supervisor and manager in front of a team of Web experts. He has the choice between working for a communication agency, classical and e-commerce companies.

What are the missions of the traffic manager?

The traffic manager carries out many missions since it encompasses different Web professions. It involves marketing, communication, content creation, content management and team management. In summary, it deals with :

  • manage the flow of visitors to the site;
  • improve the number of visits and attendance;
  • find solutions to increase the conversion rate;
  • convince newcomers to become customers;
  • Find a strategy adapted to the needs of the site and consistent with its brand image;
  • Set up communication tools and develop informative and promotional content;
  • Set up advertising campaigns and ensure their effectiveness;
  • analyze data and statistics to measure the performance of the actions carried out;
  • report on the results of the campaigns;
  • activate procedures to boost sales;
  • manage a team of professionals;
  • adjust strategies based on the results obtained.

Why become a traffic manager?

To become a traffic manager is to integrate the Web professions. They are in full expansion, and this, for several years. Technology has no limits. By joining this field, you will be at the center of innovations. You will sharpen your curiosity and keep learning. The stakes are fulfilling on both a personal and professional level.

On the other hand, the opportunities and prospects of evolution that it has to offer participate in making it so interesting. Almost all sectors recruit him. Therefore, professional integration is easy as soon as you graduate. Unemployment rates are very low. After years in this position, you can become a trafficking manager. You will then lead a team of traffic managers.

This profession is also attractive because of its high salary level. Depending on your results, you may be able to receive more than this base.

How much does a traffic manager earn?

The salary of ajunior traffic manager varies between 2,900 and 3,300 euros gross per month. An experienced executive can earn up to 60,000 euros gross per year, or 5,000 euros per month. However, these are only estimates. Depending on the structure he works for, this may increase or decrease.

What studies are required to become a traffic manager?

You can become a traffic manager with a 5-year degree in digital marketing. Sup de Pub is one of the best schools to study in this field. Our work-study programs facilitate your integration into the world of work. Moreover, you will receive a state-approved diploma that will also work in your favor. It is a question of the RNCP title of level 7, equivalent to the bac+5.

In terms of specialization, we suggest:

  • The Users & Data Marketing course: this course introduces students to the study and exploitation of data. The admission level is the bac+4 or bac+5 ;
  • E-commerce strategy: you will understand all the workings of the e-commerce site and the tools that help to optimize it;
  • SP5 Digital Marketing, Innovation & Start-up Project: this is an English-speaking program. It allows you to acquire all the knowledge in digital marketing and project management.
Updated 11 March 2024