Why marketing in luxury?

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There are several reasons why you might want to do luxury marketing. One of them is certainly the fact of being able to work in one of the biggest luxury brands in the world. Moreover, this sector is currently recruiting a lot. It opens prestigious doors for you.

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Why do you want to do marketing in luxury?

Here are three big reasons to market in luxury:

  • it is a sector that is constantly recruiting. Indeed, even with the economic and health crises, luxury does not stop developing. It evolves at the same pace as new technologies, regardless of the sector. By entering this sector, you are sure to find a position you like;
  • it is an environment of professional growth. Not only do you have several opportunities for career development, but the remuneration and working conditions are always interesting;
  • you always surround yourself with important people, which allows you to have a good network of contacts.

How is luxury marketing different from traditional marketing?

The way luxury marketing and classic marketing work is almost the same. You will always find management, communication, economics and business. However, the two areas are different in some respects. While traditional marketing takes into account behavioral targeting, product positioning and pricing, luxury marketing is not so much. The latter is distinguished above all by the promotion of the product’s image. Luxury marketing seeks to impress buyers with the rarity of the product. To do this, two strategies are adopted:

  • be intuitive marketing based on the policy of overpricing;
  • be elaborate marketing based on the evaluation of the quality/price ratio.

What are the marketing jobs in the luxury industry?

The marketing professions in the luxury industry are diverse.

The jobs of managers

  • marketing manager;
  • the event manager ;
  • collection manager;
  • communication manager;
  • project manager;
  • product manager;
  • advertising manager;
  • the negotiator in a central purchasing office.

Trades with specific attributes

  • data marketing ;
  • specialist in Google ADS ;
  • network marketing;
  • press relations;
  • e-reputation;
  • advertising of the articles;
  • range strategy;
  • services on the international level ;
  • the community manager.

How to get an internship or a work-study program in luxury marketing?

If you’re looking to get a work-study or internship in luxury marketing, here are some ideas:

  • play with the reputation of your establishment. If it is well known, it certainly has agreements with some of the most prestigious brands in the sector;
  • consult the websites of major luxury groups and acquire up-to-date and reliable contacts;
  • examine the sites specialized in luxury internships such as Job and Luxe or Fashionjobs ;
  • talk about your internship or work-study project around you. Indeed, your professional and personal network will be able to facilitate your task.

What are the essential qualities for marketing in the luxury industry?

If you want to work in the luxury marketing sector, you must have certain qualities:

  • be passionate about the world of luxury and know how to transmit this passion to clients;
  • Be curious and have a good general culture (for the luxury world);
  • dare to ask questions;
  • Good interpersonal skills;
  • be rigorous;
  • have humility, remain simple and discreet;
  • always know how to adapt, since this is a field that rhymes a lot with “international”.

How to train in marketing in the luxury industry?

If you want to work in luxury marketing, you must first educate yourself. To do this, you can choose between several ways:

  • join a business school and follow specialized courses in luxury. You can do this as soon as you graduate from high school or in the Master’s program. Among the business school courses, there are: Bachelors in marketing and luxury management, Masters and MBA in luxury marketing. All schools offer work-study and/or internship periods;
  • enroll in a university and specialize in luxury-related fields;
  • choose a specialized school, some are reserved for the luxury sector.


Updated 11 March 2024