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Communication is an essential part of business life. With the evolution of technology, this field has become highly digitalized. Digital communication became the new trend and companies started to understand its importance. As a result, employers now prefer to hire the digital communication manager. We detail below his role, his salary and the studies to follow to reach this position.

What is a Digital Communication Officer?

The Digital Communication Manager studies and develops the digital marketing strategy for a company or a brand. He assesses and analyzes his needs. Then, it carries out action plans to promote and spread its brand image on the Web. Its main objective is to ensure the success, the notoriety and the visibility of the brand online.

To do this, it uses the power of new communication technologies and digital tools. He studies market developments and the needs of Internet users to adjust his strategy.

He leads all digital communication operations in all its aspects. It measures their performance in order to determine the areas for improvement and the actions to be taken. It is the responsibility of the government to define the indicators needed for this measurement.

Her work involves many areas, namely marketing, advertising, public relations and social media. He chooses the modes of information dissemination and the channels to be used to reach the target audience.

He ensures that his company maintains a good image with consumers. He corrects bad information and does crisis management on the Internet. A Digital Communication Officer is therefore a key position within a company or organization.

What are the missions of the Digital Communication Officer?

A digital communication manager has well-defined missions within a company. He or she plans and organizes the marketing and advertising strategies necessary to get the products in front of potential consumers.

He designs an effective communication strategy and implements it. It determines the message to be conveyed and the means to convey it effectively. Its main activities are to :

  • Design the company’s digital strategy in collaboration with the various departments.
  • Implement the digital strategy on the different channels.
  • determine the target and study its needs.
  • develop content that is consistent with the objectives.
  • Promote the company’s products and services in order to increase its sales.
  • to keep an active watch on technological and digital communication trends;
  • identify the company’s communication needs and develop action plans;
  • analyze the statistics of the different channels and draw conclusions to improve the communication strategy;
  • adjust strategies based on results;
  • report to management on the performance of its actions;
  • manage his team and coordinate daily tasks;
  • handle advertising and promotional campaigns.

Why become a Digital Communication Manager?

Working as a Digital Communication Officer offers many advantages. First of all, because it is an exciting job. You will be immersed in a world of creativity and challenge. If you like to work in a dynamic position, then this was made for you.

It is also a collaborative and relationship-oriented job. You will be in collaboration with other departments such as marketing, sales or the computer graphics department. This guarantees your professional development.

Finally, it is a question of a strongly evolving job. You can quickly move up the ladder to higher positions. For example, there is the position of Director of Digital Communication. It is also open to international business and hiring is currently in full swing.

What is the salary of a Digital Communication Officer?

Given its importance and the number of responsibilities it assumes, a Digital Communication Officer receives a high salary.

The remuneration of a beginner varies between 20 000 € and 25 000 € gross per year. For a senior citizen, it easily reaches €40,000 gross per year. This corresponds to approximately 3,500 € per month. Depending on the size of the company and the scope of its assignments, this amount may increase.

What studies are required to become a Digital Communications Officer?

To exercise this profession, it is necessary to follow a good training. You also need to have at least a baccalaureate level. At Sup de Pub, we have the ideal program which is the SP3 Digital Communication. Available in alternating years, it is perfect for people in professional reconversion.

This specialization allows you to acquire the necessary knowledge on how to design an effective digital communication strategy. It helps you master all the digital tools, whether it is optimization or analysis.

Updated 11 March 2024