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If the world of NTIC speaks to you, it is easy for you to enter the digital domain. Since there are many jobs in this field, you can easily build your career. Discover the existing training and jobs in the digital sector in the following article.

What is digital?

Digital is a complex notion as no precise definition can describe its characteristics. This word can designate, on the one hand, the processing of information through digital means. On the other hand, it involves technology, the internet and everything that revolves around it. Computers, smartphones, smart TVs and tablets are the main tools used in this field. In fact, most industries use it to promote their products and services.

What training should I get to work in digital?

As long as you have a taste for innovation, you can access training dedicated to digital. To get a good start in the field, you can follow digital training courses in bac+2. These programs allow you to quickly enter the workforce thanks to the programs offered, which are more technically oriented. For this, you can choose between the following three courses:

Basic training that prepares you to become a digital technician. They are accessible to students holding a Bac S or a technological Bac STI2D;

the BTS computer service to organizations that prepares you for careers oriented towards the web;

the DUT in statistics and computer science strong decisional.

In addition, more and more universities are offering courses in the digital field these days. You can study there for 3 years in order to acquire the basic knowledge on digital by obtaining a license. Some establishments allow you to continue your training up to the master’s degree or professional license for a more in-depth knowledge. It usually includes:

  • the computer science mention ;
  • MIASH;
  • the information and communication mention.

Moreover, schools specialized in digital training students to be directly operational at the end of their courses. In addition to the digital school, you can, for example, integrate a school of computer science, web or multimedia. Most offer work-study programs and work with partner companies to facilitate the integration of students.

The digital professions

The digital professions can be divided into three main parts

The web creation

Web design is a profession that requires great creativity and attention to detail. The job is not only to create the site, but to improve the user experience and the UX design.

Web development

The manipulation of development and programming languages is the daily life of web developers. They can apply for a specialized position depending on the number of languages they master. Depending on their area of expertise, their role is to create:

  • the entire structure and tree structure of a website;
  • requests between servers ;
  • accessibility to the site and/or application.

Web marketing

The job of web marketing consists in promoting the website of its client and increasing its visibility. It also adapts the structure and content of the site to each sector of activity to encourage visitors to buy.

The digital professions that are recruiting the most

Among the different professions in the digital sector, here are those that are recruiting the most:

What are the salaries and opportunities in the digital sector?

Salaries and opportunities in digital differ from one field to another. Here are some examples of annual salaries:

  • web art director : 45 000 to 75 000 € ;
  • web designer : 25 000 to 55 000 € ;
  • web developer : from 48 000 € ;
  • web product manager : 25 000 to 62 000 € ;
  • community manager : 30 000 to 45 000 € ;
  • social media manager : 33 000 to 60 000 € ;
  • web editor : 21 000 to 30 000 €.

Supdepub’s digital training courses

Supdepub offers several training courses from Bac+1 to Bac+5:

  • SP1 creation ;
  • SP1 communication ;
  • SP2 communication and digital ;
  • SP3 brand strategies ;
  • SP3 visual and digital creation ;
  • SP3 digital communication ;
  • SP3 communication and writing ;
  • SP4 creation and graphic design ;
  • SP4 international brand strategy & marketing
  • SP4 brand building & digital experience ;
  • SP4 UX design & Innovation;
  • SP5 management, marketing & communication of luxury ;
  • SP5 digital management & social media ;
  • SP5 CX & service design;
  • SP5 editorial strategies & content management.


Updated 11 March 2024