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The online business has evolved significantly over the past few years. Influenced by the massive deployment of digitalization, this concept is attracting more and more companies. The e-commerce project manager helps them to implement it in their structure. Discover this exciting job and its advantages. We talk about the salaries he earns and the education that goes along with this career.

What is an e-commerce project manager?

Aware of its potential, today’s companies are moving more towards e-commerce. Furthermore, it has been observed that consumers now prefer to buy everything online. This concept constitutes a market to exploit and an interesting clientele.

To set up an e-commerce project, companies need an expert in the field. This is the e-commerce project manager. He is mainly in charge of developing sales on the Internet. His role guarantees the increase of the turnover and the optimization of the online activities. He participates in improving the e-reputation of his brand.

It intervenes from the design of the online store. He ensures that the site is ergonomic and functional for an optimal user experience. It also manages content and updates.

The e-commerce project manageracts as a conductor, he governs and coordinates the site as a whole. He is in charge of after-sales service and inventory management. He also leads a team of experts including the web designer and developer.

He sets up a referencing and communication strategy to promote the visibility of the site. He develops new partnerships and leads negotiations. On the other hand, he analyzes the performance and reports to the management.

The e-commerce project manager masters the techniques of communication and management. He is at ease with computer tools and particularly digital marketing. He is creative and has good interpersonal skills.

What are the missions of the e-commerce project manager?

The e-commerce project manager makes every effort to ensure the success of an online store. To do this, it takes charge of several missions such as:

  • Identification of the company’s needs in view of its e-commerce project;
  • Competitive and market intelligence to monitor trends;
  • the development, implementation and monitoring of the project;
  • the collaboration with the computer experts for the design of the e-commerce site;
  • Continuous improvement of the site’s performance;
  • the diffusion of its brand and its referencing on the search engines;
  • the management of a team of professionals: webmasters, designers, writers and consultants;
  • the implementation of a strategy to optimize sales;
  • Improved visibility and brand awareness;
  • Establishment of performance indicators and their analysis;
  • monitoring, control and analysis of the success of the actions;
  • reporting results to management.

Why become an e-commerce project manager?

To become an e-commerce project manager is to work in the Web and digital sectors, which are currently booming. You are at the heart of innovations and technological novelties. This makes it very fulfilling, even more so, if you are already a big computer and technology enthusiast.

Moreover, it is solicited by all large companies, but also by SMEs. They will do anything to have him on their team. This explains his attractive salary. The brands can go so far as to recruit them directly from the major business schools. This is to say that the demands are in abundance.

In terms of career development, it has nothing to envy to other Web professions. He can become senior e-commerce project manager, digital or marketing director. He will then lead a larger team and earn a better living.

How much does an e-commerce project manager earn?

As explained above, the e-commerce project manager is in high demand. Companies are ready to offer him a comfortable salary to seduce him. At the beginning of his career, he earns about 2,200 euros gross per month. For an experienced profile, the remuneration reaches 5,000 euros gross per month.

What studies are required to become an e-commerce project manager?

To become an e-commerce project manager, you must choose the business field and obtain a Bac+5. Sup de Pub recommends specialization programs in this field. Our advertising school is accessible with our many campuses located throughout France and abroad.

Our specialized course in e-commerce strategy is totally in line with this career choice.

It is open to students with a Bac+4 or Bac+5 degree, whether they are in France or abroad. On the other hand, the alternating rhythm has an undeniable advantage. By choosing our school, you will obtain the RNCP level 7 title at the end of the training.

Updated 11 March 2024