Why live in Lyon during your studies?

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Multiple professional opportunities

The city of Lyon offers a wide range of educational, academic and professional opportunities. There are several reasons why students from all over the world choose to settle in this part of France. Five years ago, the city of Lyon won the student city award, ahead of Montpellier, Rennes, Toulouse and Grenoble.

There are several reasons for this success. These include the attractiveness of the city and the quality of student life. Young people who have just graduated also find a wide range of career opportunities here. In 2018, there were 111,000 public and private businesses in the region. In addition, there are 900 public institutions.

Various sectors of activity

Considered as the second economic pole of France, the Lyon region operates in multiple sectors. Among the most present, we can quote:

  • health ;
  • Communication
  • Science;
  • tourism, hotels and restaurants;
  • services to companies…

The latest statistics also show a lower unemployment rate than the country’s average. Entrepreneurship is strongly encouraged in this region of France. This explains the 17,000 startups that were born in 2016. Various associations in Lyon support young people who want to start their own business in the city.

Why go to a communication school in Lyon?

Premium quality training

In 2018, the city of Lyon welcomed 150,000 students from all over the world. How to explain such a craze? The courses offered in the Lyon region are recognized for their quality and prestige. Most of the leading communication schools are located in this city. Among them is the Sup de pub school in Lyon.

In addition, students graduating from Lyon’s universities are ranked among the best in multinational companies. This reputation is due to the quality of the training and the professionalism of the Lyon students. The best schools of communication offer a complete training combining theory and practice. Graduates of this program in Lyon are more likely to be hired sooner.

Transportation and scholarships

The city of Lyon offers a wide range of transportation options to simplify the lives of its residents. The latter have the choice between the bus, the subway, the tramway, but also the funicular. Students in particular benefit from a single rate via the “Campus” subscription. The city’s public transport system has also teamed up with the SNCF to offer preferential rates to students.

Finally, specific grants encourage students to study and work in Lyon. In addition to national scholarships, the city of Lyon offers financial aid to students as part of their education. It is advisable to contact the international relations department of the School of Communication for additional information.

Does Sup de Pub offer financial aid to study in Lyon?

Sup de Pub has a campus located in the heart of Lyon. Students who wish to continue their studies in France can benefit from the support of the institute through its ambassadors. Feel free to visit the school’s official website for additional information on housing assistance, the program, registration, etc.

What are the training programs of the Sup de Pub Lyon campus?

For first and second year students, Sup de pub Lyon offers a specialization in communication, creativity and digital. Participants can learn about motion design andinteractive design. The institute also delivers a state-recognized BTS diploma for students who wish to work in the communication sector.

The MBA specialized in advertising is awarded to students who have completed the 5-year curriculum following the LMD system. This training includes the learning of various disciplines:

  • corporate communication and brand strategy;
  • art direction and digital design ;
  • digital marketing ;
  • data Management ;
  • UX Management;
  • design Thinking;
  • cultural communication ;
  • strategic planning and Brand content ;
  • web Management ;
  • social media;
  • CSR, etc.

Is a work-study program possible at Sup de Pub Lyon?

Sup de Pub Lyon offers a work-study program in the communication field. This program allows students to complement their academic training with apprenticeships in companies. Our institute prepares them as well as possible, to integrate the professional life within the framework of their career plan.


Updated 11 March 2024