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Tuition – 2023/2024

Bordeaux – Lyon – Rennes

IntialAlternating between the two
SP17 650 €N/A
SP27 850 €N/A
SP38 450 €9 340 €
SP4/SP5 (in 24 months)N/A21 100 €
SP4 9 800 €N/A
SP510 300 €10 800 €


In initialAlternating between the two
SP17 750 €N/A
SP27 950 €N/A
SP38 550 €9 440 €
SP4/SP5 (in 24 months)N/A21 450 €
SP4 9 950 €N/A
SP510 450 €10 950 €

Londres – New York – San Francisco

11 000€

A deposit of 1100€ will be requested at the time of pre-registration, following your admission to the school. This deposit is included in the total tuition amount shown above.

If you are a student living outside of France and of non-EU nationality, an amount of 490€ corresponding to the service offer for students international students you will be asked to pay.

Financing assistance

Discounts and scholarships from Sup de Pub

Sup de Pub propose une réduction forfaitaire de 500 €

on tuition fees. Students are means-tested (same criteria as CROUS).

To benefit from this discount, students must present a certificate from the CROUS notifying them of their eligibility for scholarships based on social criteria. This certificate is issued after completing a scholarship application on the CROUS in their regionThe application must be submitted before April of the school year preceding the entry to Sup de Pub. Only the eligibility certificate is valid.

Une réduction de 10% sur les frais de scolarité

is also offered for students currently enrolled in the French overseas departments and territories, to students in the OMNES Education group or to students who have at least one brother or sister enrolled in the OMNES Education group. This reduction applies only to initial cycle courses.

Sup de Pub aide les étudiants à financer leurs études

Through the OMNES Education Group solidarity fund. A file must be submitted to the accounting department before the end of September of the year of registration. Aid can reach a maximum of 1500 € per year of study. Global budget of 70 000 €. – Financial aid between 300 € and 1 500 €. (2018 figures).

Sup de Pub propose des bourses au mérite selon le résultat au Baccalauréat

  • Highest honors : 30% of the tuition fees

Sup de Pub propose une bourse pour les sportifs haut niveau

Up to 1,500 € for athletes on the ministerial list of high level athletes

Aid and remuneration

Echelonnement des paiements

It is possible to opt for a payment schedule to pay the tuition fees. Several samplings are thus spread out over the year. A fee of 5% of the total tuition fee applies.

Des prêts à vous accorder

Thanks to our partner banks: BNP and Caisse d’épargne. Negotiation of student loans: the School’s administration, together with the Students’ Office, contacts all the major banks that grant loans to students at preferential rates. All of the School’s partner banks are present at Sup de Pub’s pre-integration day.

Concernant le logement, les études se font en régime d’externat

Students can nevertheless benefit from APL (housing subsidies) by filling out a file with the CAF (Caisse d’allocations familiales) in Paris, Lyon or Bordeaux. Students who register with the student social security system can also subscribe to a complementary health insurance plan.

Bourses des Régions et Départements

Sup de Pub students can benefit from scholarships granted by the Regional Councils, the General Councils and certain mutual insurance companies (contact your region, department or mutual insurance company directly for information).

Download the EHR 2022/2023 guide

Activités en entreprise

The minimum amount of an internship bonus paid in 2022 is set at €3.90 per hour, i.e. a minimum monthly internship bonus of €600.60 – for an internship lasting more than two months. Please note that this figure is for a full-time position (i.e. 22 days per month and 7 hours of work per day) and depends on the number of hours actually worked during the period.

La 4ème et 5ème année de Sup de Pub peuvent être financées à 100% 

Through a professionalization and apprenticeship contract (excluding introductory programs).
All tuition fees are covered by the company and the OPCO.

Le rythme pédagogique

  • Has been designed to facilitate access to paid student jobs.
  • All Parisian students benefit from a weekly “off” day in order to work as freelancers, small jobs or for their professional project.
  • The Bordelais have at least half a day off, depending on the specialties.
  • Students in Lyon study half days in order to be able to work, practice a sport or cultural activity the other half of the time.
Updated 22 June 2023