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Bachelor’s degree programs have exploded in recent years in the field of teaching. Several institutions (private and public) offer this academic program. The offer covers a wide variety of disciplines (management, communication, science, engineering… but what is a Bachelor’s degree? The point through this article.

What is a Bachelor degree?

Definition of the Bachelor

The Bachelor’s degree is not a degree in itself. It is a school title to qualify scholars who have pursued 3 or 4 years of study after the bachelor’s degree. This corresponds to 180 [ou 240] ECTS credits. Many institutions now grant this title to their students.

Criteria for the recognition of the real Bachelor

Three parameters allow today to identify a real Bachelor:

  • the RNCP certification [Répertoire National de Certification Professionnelle] delivered by France Compétence. It aims to ensure the acquisition of technical skills;
  • the license visa. This is a quality label granted by the Ministry of Higher Education. It is valid for a maximum of six years. This document attests to the good academic level for the pursuit of the master’s degree in a grande école;
  • The Bachelor’s degree for Bachelors, applicable since last year. This precious title has been granted to a few dozen grandes écoles. It is awarded according to the quality of the teaching, the partnership network and the number of teachers or researchers. Note that Bachelors are entitled to Crous scholarships.

What is the value of a Bachelor’s degree?

The Bachelor’s degree allows students to acquire the skills necessary to master a field of study from the first year. Bachelors participate in internships and workshops to deepen their professional experiences. The courses are taught by business experts. The diploma issued at the end of the program is recognized by the State.

In addition, the Bachelor’s degree is distinguished by its international dimension. It is valid all over the world. Finally, the Bachelor’s degree is recognized as an easily accessible title. The majority of schools today offer this training in alternating years so that the student can reconcile theoretical courses with practical work.

What is the difference between a Bachelor and a Licence?

The Bachelor’s degree is a professional training delivered by private schools. It is highly sought after by companies looking for immediately operational talent. Among the disciplines studied in the Bachelor’s program, we can mention :

  • commercial management ;
  • international management ;
  • digital marketing;
  • international trade…

The study of these foundations then leads to a specialization in Master’s degree [entrepreneurship, sustainable development, motion design, 2D and 3D animation, etc.]. The Bachelor’s degree, on the other hand, is aimed at academics in the midst of their academic preparation. As a result, Bachelor’s programs are more professionally oriented than pedagogically oriented.

What is the difference between a Bachelor and a BTS?

These two courses are of short duration: a Bac +2 level for the BTS and aBac +3 level for the Bachelor. The BTS training specializes the student in a particular field [accounting, business, sales…]. On the other hand, the Bachelor’s degree applies to broader disciplines: management, communication, marketing… Specialization in professions takes place after 2 or 3 years of study [entrepreneurship, HR, banking, insurance, tourism…].

What are the advantages of a Bachelor?

A valuable title in the eyes of recruiters

Bachelor’s degree holders meet the professional experience requirements of recruiters. Young people who have just graduated are particularly attracting their attention. Indeed, some of them have already completed two years of internships in companies .

Preparing for the world of work

The internships and seminars offered to Bachelors are essential for their professional future. These programs help expand their network of collaborators once they are in the workforce. This actively facilitates the job search. Some communication schools have partnerships with companies.

Access to the international labour market

The Bachelor’s degree offers its holders the possibility of building an international career. Their ability to adapt to different cultures attracts companies from all over the world. In addition, they have been trained in the mastery of various languages widely used everywhere, such as English. In addition, there is the level of general culture and multicultural management.

An essential step for the continuation of the Master

The most ambitious students do not stop at the Bachelor’s level. They have the right to continue their studies in a Master’s degree to specialize in the field of their choice. The Bac +5 level allows access to high-level positions thanks to complementary skills. The master’s degree gives access to executive and managerial positions in companies.

Does Sup de Pub offer Bachelor’s level courses?

Sup de Pub offers Bachelor’s level training in the communication field on its campuses. The first year is devoted to the initiation and discovery of the world of communication and creation. These skills are then deepened in the second year to reach the digitalization sector. In the third year, students can choose from different specialization tracks:

  • global communication;
  • visual and digital creation ;
  • brand strategy;
  • digital communication ;
  • communication & writing.


Updated 11 March 2024