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Being curious, having a creative nature and being comfortable using digital tools can be helpful if you want to pursue a career in graphic design. The profession of graphic designer will allow you to design different visual communication supports, in paper or digital format. Find out how to get there.

What is a Graphic Designer?

The graphic designer is both a technician and a creative person. He is in charge of the design and creation of communication visuals for different types of companies. This includes graphic charts, logos, images, product catalogs, posters and brochures. Companies can also entrust him with the realization of commercial brochures, book covers, packaging and press advertisements. In addition to these, there are mobile animations, newsletters, banners and web pages. All these supports can be used in the framework of a communication and/or advertising campaign.

Also known as graphic designer, graphic designer, computer graphics designer or multimedia designer, the graphic designer can work in various structures. He or she may be employed in a magazine editorial agency, a creative studio, a communications or advertising agency. His profession can nevertheless be carried out on order for companies or under the status of independent.

It should be noted that the graphic design profession can be divided into three distinct categories. One of them is that of a graphic designer in charge of declining a graphic charter on various paper supports. He usually uses design software, but also retouching software. Another one concerns graphic designers specialized in interactive and digital media. As for the 360° graphic designer, he masters all types of media thanks to his versatility. This allows him to practice as a generalist and to address any communication issue in its entirety.

What are the missions of the Graphic Designer?

The main mission of a graphic designer is to translate ideas into images. This involves developing a concept and thinking about the procedure to be adopted for its realization. He will have to help himself beforehand with different written documents, including a specification mentioning the information necessary for the elaboration of a visual identity. This includes the message to be conveyed, the targets to be reached, the communication media to be used, and the company’s values and universe.

Once the needs of the project and the client are understood, the graphic designer takes care of the creation process. This can be based on creativity, trends and/or previous communication campaigns of the company.

He then chooses the medium (paper or digital), the colors and the typography before positioning the different visual elements (images and texts among others). These steps are taken in accordance with the company’s graphic charter. Its objective will be to obtain a captivating, harmonious and readable rendering, essential to arouse the interest of the target consumers or users.

Mock-ups of his creations are designed on computer before presentation to the client using Desktop Publishing (DTP) software and a graphic tablet.

Why become a graphic designer?

Becoming a graphic designer comes with several advantages. One of them is the fact that it is a passion job, and therefore an interesting career path if you like working with digital media and enjoy graphic techniques. It is also quite rewarding because of the workload available on a daily basis. Then, the missions of the graphic designer require to remain in direct contact with the customers, useful for a personal development.

In terms of career opportunities, the Graphic Designer has the possibility of specializing in Web design, user experience, motion design (animated images) and design. He can also consider the position of art director after several years of experience and a good portfolio.

How much does a graphic designer earn?

A newly graduated graphic designer can expect a salary ranging from 25,000 to 30,000 euros gross per year. An executive with more experience can, however, earn a salary of around 50,000 euros gross per year, depending on the nature of the client and the recruiter. However, if the artist is self-employed, his or her gross annual income will vary depending on the regularity of demand and the number of commissions, but also on his or her artistic reputation. They can far exceed the salaryof an experienced graphic designer, employed in a company.

What studies are required to become a graphic designer?

A minimum of 2 years of higher education is required to become a graphic designer, but no specific diploma is required. You can train at an advertising school such as Sup de Pub , which offers highly professionalized programs that explore all areas of communication. In particular, it offers learners the possibility of registering for an SP2 Creation. You can also opt for a longer professional project with an SP3 Visual & Digital Creation or an SP5 Art Direction and Visual Design.

Updated 11 March 2024