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Digital marketing plays an important role in the life of a company. That’s why it’s important to follow a digital marketing training that is best suited to your industry. Focus on digital marketing training.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the set of processes that uses digital channels to sell products and services. The Internet and connected smart devices are the most used tools in this field. Information is transmitted through websites, social networks, mobile applications, GPS and podcasts.

Nowadays, most companies can’t do without digital marketing to attract and retain customers. Moreover, it is an effective tool to accompany them in the purchasing process.

Why train in digital marketing?

The digital marketing training concerns individuals as well as professionals. As an entrepreneur, you help your team evolve by training in this area, regardless of your industry. A digital marketing expert usually provides the training.

To begin with, he teaches the staff the concept of digital so that everyone is on the same level. This way, secretaries, accountants and receptionists can become familiar with the digital technology that the company is about to adopt.

Once all employees have learned the basics, you can move on to advanced and more specific training. At the end of these, you will have the opportunity to :

  • increase your website traffic through SEO and your presence on social networks;
  • expand your targets nationally and even internationally;
  • Improve your brand image with more modern tools like Facebook or Instagram;
  • Build customer loyalty by keeping them informed of company news through newsletters and social media posts;
  • Get closer to your customers by implementing an instant online help service.

Moreover, students who have completed a digital marketing course can work in several digital and communication professions. Communication or commercial companies are the most interested in this profile.

You can also be self-employed and offer your services to these companies. Thus, the chances of being unemployed are minimal by opting for the digital marketing training.

What are the salaries and opportunities after a digital marketing training?

After training in digital marketing, the position held and the level of experience determine the annual salaries. For a beginner, this varies from :

If you have 5 years of experience in digital marketing, you can hit between :

  • 70,000 and €130,000 as a digital marketing manager;
  • 65,000 and €100,000 as a procurement manager;
  • 60 000 and 130 000 € as head of media.

What are the main jobs in digital marketing?

The jobs in digital marketing are very diverse, ranging from customer relations to communication functions. While the list is long, here are three of the most common occupations in this field:

Web writing

The role of writers is to create textual content on the web. These texts are written to animate a website or enrich a blog. The arguments in the texts must be as relevant as possible to encourage readers to read to the end. This will also influence their choice, because the better the quality of the texts, the more interested they are in your products. Moreover, the smooth running of the communication chain depends on the work of the web editor.

Graphic design

Like a web writer, a graphic designer generates content to attract target customers. However, its role is to put forward pictorial and graphic contents. He must adapt the atmosphere, theme and layout of each page to the activities of the companies he works with.

Community management

The community manager animates the social network pages of a company to preserve its brand image. Its role is to retain customers rather than attract new ones. Thus, the posts he publishes must be original, attractive and unique to keep the community talking about it.

Supdepub’s training courses in digital marketing

The offers of in digital marketing of Supdepub are diversified and accessible to all levels:

  • In your first year, you can take a course in communication;
  • In the second year, you will have access to the fundamental courses in communication and digital;
  • From the third to the fifth year, you can specialize in digital communication or in visual and digital creation.


Updated 28 April 2023