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The phenomenon of globalization has accentuated exchanges between companies on an international scale. But to facilitate these interactions, companies need international communication experts. What are the challenges of this discipline and what are the jobs that can be exploited in this field? This is what we propose you to discover through this article.

Definition of international communication

International communication represents all the strategies implemented by the company to make itself known on the international market. The objective is to promote the products or services in the four corners of the globe. To do this, international communication uses several channels. They must adapt to the national cultures of the target country.

Companies with an international presence benefit from a better reputation and a positive image. Launching an international communication campaign requires the right resources (human, material and financial). In this regard, more and more students are going into the “international communication” field. But what are the advantages of working in this sector?

Why work in international communications?

A permanent evolution

Communication evolves according to needs and technological innovations. Hence the need for constant innovation in line with the competition and the international market. Working in international communication requires a certain general culture to adapt to national customs.

Creative people are better at communication. A vivid imagination is needed to convince more employees to join the company’s network. Communication strategy requires a certain tact to work with people from different backgrounds.

Choose your own living environment

Working in communications allows you to benefit from a certain flexibility. Indeed, you are free to work on your own or to join a communication company. Graduates of the International Communication program generally begin their careers in small and medium-sized businesses. These companies need a solid communication tool to stand out from the competition. Some of them are recruiting experts in digital marketing or 3D animation, for example.

Communication is a profession that requires a certain passion, because it is in perpetual motion. These trips allow us to meet new people. These exchanges allow us to enrich ourselves and to keep a positive mindset. Finally, open-mindedness is essential to build reliable and solid collaborations around the world.

Role and missions of a person working in international communication

The actors working in the international communication sector play a decisive role. Their main mission is to manage the organization’s internal and external communications. This implies defining the best communication policies adapted to the needs of the company and its customers.

Among the questions they must constantly ask themselves:

  • what are the communication channels to be favored? (Social networks, media, trade shows, blogs, website…) ;
  • what are the most effective information media? (Billboards, magazine articles, films, sponsorship, advertising campaigns…) ;
  • how to create strong links between the brand, the media and the consumers?
  • where to find potential partners?
  • how to improve the company’s communication policy? etc.

International communication jobs

The jobs in international communication are numerous and varied. But to give you an overview of the profession, we will take three concrete examples:

  • the brand content manager is responsible for promoting the company’s brand image both internally and externally. It makes the necessary efforts to build a relationship of trust with the press and media;
  • The digital communication manager deals with the digital aspect: management of social networks, maintenance of the computer network, production of digital content … It also manages relations with web providers and checks the traffic of the company’s website;
  • the media planner prepares media plans to enhance the company’s brand image. He works closely with journalists and radio and television personalities. It establishes the link between advertisers and advertising sales agencies.

Qualities and skills needed to work in international communication

Working in the field of international communication requires :

  • strong interpersonal skills. You will be working with people from all over the world. These partnerships will be essential to develop your international activities;
  • to be gifted in leadership. The best international leaders are those who manage to establish themselves abroad thanks to their charisma;
  • to be a force of proposal. Developing a positive international image requires constant creativity;
  • good writing skills: in addition to oral communication, network expansion requires strong writing skills. This reflects the level of professionalism of the company.

The list is not exhaustive.

International communication at Supdepub

Supdepub offers several programs (French and English) in international communication. The courses range from the first year to the fifth year and can be done in alternating years. The institute delivers state-recognized diplomas and students are accompanied by experts throughout their studies.


Updated 9 February 2023