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Communication has become an indispensable engine in the business world. The reputation, the employees, the internal and external communication of a company depend entirely on the communication campaign. Since it is associated with digital tools, such as social networks, it requires an even more precise strategy. This requires skills and higher education. We are talking about a master in digital communication. Here is more information on this subject.

What is a digital communication master?

The master’s degree in digital communication is a course that oscillates between communication and digital. In this field, you need knowledge in digital, advertising, marketing and communication. This type of training allows students to learn more about the world of the web and creation. Communication, marketing and design are the skills acquired by following him.

The master’s degree in digital communication is part of the high-level studies available at a university or a specialized school. It is only after obtaining the licence that a student can access this training. The master in digital communication is divided into two parts. The first is the Master 1. You can have it after you have completed 4th grade.

The master in digital communication focuses on specialization. It includes targeted courses to help students with their professional endeavors once they enter the job market. In the 5th year, you obtain the RNCP level 7 diploma. Sup de Pub delivers a state-approved diploma.

Why do a master in digital communication?

Choosing a master’s degree in digital communication means doing studies that are beneficial for the future. It allows you to qualify for promising jobs in the age of technology. The content of the training encourages you to become versatile. It is a way to prepare for your future career.

By studying for a master’s degree in digital communication, you will be able to enter a dynamic and constantly evolving world. In this field, there is no room for monotony and one must follow the trend.

With the skills and knowledge gained from this training, you can aim high. You have the opportunity to work in management and highly placed positions. Whether it’s a work-study program or continuing education, having a master’s degree can help you throughout your career.

Communication jobs are essential in companies, whether they are small or large. Digital communication is even more so. It helps to build a positive image with targets and to improve the e-reputation of an organization.

How do I get into a digital communication master’s program?

Digital communication at the heart of a communication strategy is becoming more and more vital. If you want to work in this field, you should start by taking the steps to integrate a master’s degree in digital communication. However, before you go for a master’s degree in communication, make sure you have some background in bachelor’s degree in communication, marketing or web.

To do this, you must first have a bachelor’s degree. You then follow a continuing education program to reach a level of bac+3 in order to obtain a license. This course allows you to access the next level. That is to say, the master in digital communication. You will obtain a degree of bac+5.

The training takes place in four semesters, i.e. two consecutive years. Admission is by submission of an application. You go through a selection, a competition and an interview.

What are the opportunities after a master’s degree in digital communication?

Currently, the world revolves around digital. There are many jobs related to this field. After the master’s degree, many doors open for students. You have the choice of working or continuing your studies. These are two opposing choices, but both can be beneficial. Program opportunities include:

  • community manager ;
  • traffic manager ;
  • web project manager ;
  • artistic director;
  • media planner ;
  • consultant ;
  • digital communication manager ;
  • web manager ;
  • digital manager ;
  • social media manager ;
  • web communication manager.

As a graduate, you are eligible to work for a company in any industry. You can apply in a communication, press and media agency. It is also possible to work on your own or as a freelancer. You will be able to serve several clients at the same time.

What are the digital communication masters at Sup de Pub?

Sup de Pub is a renowned advertising school. We offer alternating or continuous courses. Our campuses are in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, London, New York and San Francisco.

Our ultimate goal is to provide our students with with training that is adapted to the current job market. The Master 1, or 4th year, is open to holders of a Baccalaureate+3 specialized in communication, marketing or advertising. Nevertheless, the professional license must be certified by the State.

Prior to admission, we pre-screen applications to determine if the candidate is a good fit. They include:

  • a complete CV: it allows you to justify your background and to know your skills;
  • the cover letter: it determines the commitment of the future student to the institution.

The student also passes an entrance exam with several tests. To be admitted, you must obtain a minimum average of 10/20. Interested parties receive the results of the competition after 15 days. Admission is based on grade, interview and space availability.

After admission, the 5th year is open to students with a Master 1. The minimum average accepted is also 10/20.


Updated 11 March 2024