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You want to work in the field of event management and make a career of it? Do you want to excel in your work and want the best training? This article explains how to get trained in event management. Find out everything you need to know about which course to choose and the different learning options available to you.

In summary:

To train in event management:

  • Get into a good advertising school.
  • Choose a work-study program to gain experience more quickly.
  • Focus on training in tourism, communication, arts and information.
  • Work as a facilitator and agent to learn about the industry.

What training should I choose to learn about event management?

The event industry is a sector that recruits even without a diploma, as long as you have the creativity necessary to flourish. However, it is always better to get some training beforehand. You can choose the following courses:


By opting for a BTS, you choose to study for 2 years in a field related to the event industry. It can be communication, tourism, art or even business. You can learn the basics and techniques to become a good event agent, for example.

A license, a professional license or a bachelor’s degree

By choosing to study at the baccalaureate + 3 level, you will benefit from a more complete training. This will give you a stronger foundation for working in the event industry. If the licence is much more theoretical, you do more practical work in the licence pro. The latter is indeed more professional than the former.

If you have ambitions for an international career and plan to have foreign clients or work abroad, opt for a bachelor’s degree.

A master

The master’s degree is equivalent to 5 years of study. It is a training that allows you to deepen your knowledge of the sector. It also gives you enough time to develop all your skills to excel in the event industry. Also, it can give you access to certain jobs such as art director.

Why train in event management?

The event industry is a very competitive environment, especially if you decide to become an entrepreneur. You need to be among the best to break through and compete for contracts. Training in event management at an advertising school can make a difference.

What are the skills required to train in event management?

To train in event management, you need to have certain skills which are as follows:

The sense of creativity

By wanting to work in the event industry, you are choosing a creative profession. Besides, during your training, you have to choose creative fields if you want to excel in the field. So it is your sense of creativity that you are trying to develop in advertising school.


Whether you are an agent or an event manager, organizing and/or creating an event is an art. Any artistic activity requires patience, especially when you have to make the project according to the clients’ preferences. You must be able to handle the pressure and stress of impatient and demanding customers.


An event professional must always be versatile. Organizing, managing and coordinating an event can indeed require you to be both an artist and a technician. It is the versatility that can allow you to carry out the most difficult missions in the event industry.

Which course allows you to train in event management at Sup de pub?

You can find a list of programs that train you in event management on the Sup de Pub website. You are also free to go to the FAQ section if you need specific information on admission and course content.

For example, you can choose to study marketing & communication of cultural and creative industries for the4th and5th years. You can also choose to specialize in event strategy and production in your final year.

How to find an internship to train in event management?

To find an internship in event management, you can always go to companies specialized in event management and tell them what you want. Or, you can write an internship application and send it to several companies to increase your chances of getting into one of them.

Is it possible to train in event management in a sandwich course?

At Supdepub, it is possible to train in event management on a sandwich course. It is even recommended if you want to gain experience faster. In addition, you have the advantage of already having at least a first professional experience when you leave the advertising school.


Updated 11 March 2024