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The job of a digital project manager within a company is to coordinate and carry out digital projects. His main role is to lead a team whose goal is to increase the company’s visibility. By choosing this profession, you can expect many opportunities.

What is a Digital Project Manager?

The Digital Project Manager is the person who takes care of the operations related to digital marketing and web marketing of a company. His work ranges from the creation to the implementation of digital projects, whether they are mobile applications or websites. He has, therefore, the ability to contribute to the digital change of the company in which he works.

In addition, he/she pilots the projects, while managing the various internal and external actors involved and respecting precise specifications. To be able to carry out his tasks efficiently, he must therefore have specific skills and various expertises, particularly in the field of innovation, web and management. Today, the Digital Project Manager is considered a key element in his or her workplace.

What are the missions of the digital project manager?

The missions of a digital project manager are very varied. They have therefore been classified into three categories.

Missions related to management

  • Direct and follow up a digital project by controlling the different steps to be followed, and by anticipating costs, deadlines and results;
  • take care of managerial and administrative tasks in the company;
  • manage a team.

The missions related to digital technology

  • master the digital environment: he must always know which environment is concerned by the digital project, whether internally or externally;
  • Keep up to date with technical and strategic developments in the digital world.

Missions related to calls for tenders

  • to carry out the calls for tender;
  • model, write and structure the specifications;
  • start the tender.

Why become a digital project manager?

The job of Digital Project Manager is one of the most sought after. Indeed, the world is witnessing today a great digital development, but especially that of the Internet. Almost every company wants to hire a competent person to coordinate and execute their digital programs.

For students, becoming a project manager is a great opportunity, especially in the digital and web fields. Being a digital project manager has many advantages. Already, it is the main actor that drives a company to be more productive and efficient. He is also the first person responsible for the change and development of the company.

Moreover, by being a digital project manager, you will have no worries about finding work, especially since it is a job with a future that pays.

How much does a digital project manager earn?

Like all other senior positions, the Digital Project Manager receives a very attractive salary. However, this will depend on the sector in which they work, as well as the geographical area and size of the organization that employs them. Of course, experience level also influences salary, but in general :

  • The salary of a junior digital project manager (with 0 to 3 years of experience) varies between 26 000 and 40 000 euros gross per year;
  • The salary of a senior digital project manager can reach an average of 40 000 to 50 000 euros gross per year;
  • The salary of an experienced digital project manager goes beyond 50 000 euros gross per year.

What studies are required to become a Digital Project Manager?

To become a digital project manager, you can join a specialized school, a business school or a general engineering school. The following training courses will allow you to enter the profession:

Bac+2 :

  • Communication & Digital ;
  • Communication & Marketing.

A degree (Bac+3) in :

  • Global Communication;
  • Digital Communication ;
  • Digital Marketing;
  • Visual & Digital Creation ;
  • Digital Creation ;
  • Graphic and visual creation.

A master’s degree (Bac+4 or Bac+5) in :

  • Communication & Audiovisual production ;
  • Communication & Graphic Design ;
  • Innovation Marketing & New Business ;
  • Social Media Strategy;
  • Data Management, Consumer Sociology ;
  • Marketing, Media Management and Production;
  • E-commerce strategy ;
  • Art Direction & Visual Design ;
  • UI & Digital Design.
Updated 8 June 2023