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Are you planning to study communication in Bordeaux? Wondering if it’s a good place to live and why? Bordeaux is indeed one of the most welcoming cities in France. The reasons for this include:

  • its architecture has what to amaze you. Obviously, it is a peaceful and pleasant city that offers you an ideal working environment to develop your studies and achieve your goals;
  • The city of Bordeaux is exposed to the sun, unlike many other areas of France. If you prefer blue skies and the sea, this is the ideal place to settle;
  • it is also a lively city with a welcoming and growing population. It is undeniably pleasant to walk in the streets of Bordeaux. You can easily meet and interact with the locals;
  • Living in Bordeaux can give you the opportunity to taste its gastronomy and its wines which are the pride of France and are known and appreciated worldwide.

Why choose a communication school in Bordeaux?

What students particularly appreciate and what drives them to study in Bordeaux is the atmosphere. There are many universities and activities for students. It is a city where it is impossible to be bored.

Bordeaux is also a city open to the world, which favors communication students who need to develop their interpersonal skills. Moreover,communication schools are particularly numerous there.

Does Sup de Pub offer financial aid to study in Bordeaux?

If you choose Sup de Pub to do your communication studies in Bordeaux, you should be aware that the school offers some assistance. This way, if you meet the eligibility requirements, it can help finance your education:

A merit scholarship

If you pass your high school diploma with honors, you have a good chance of receiving a merit scholarship. It translates into a reduction in tuition fees of 20% for a good mention and 30% for a very good mention.

An exchange of regions and departments

The General and Regional Councils as well as certain mutual insurance companies can also offer assistance to Sup de Pub students.

A discount on tuition fees

If you have a certificate from the CROUS, you can obtain a scholarship based on social criteria. It involves a reduction in tuition fees with a flat rate reduction of 500 euros.

A scholarship for high-level athletes

With Sup de Pub, it is also possible to follow a sport-study path sincea scholarship is offered to high-level athletes. This can be up to 1500 euros.

A bank loan agreement

If you needa loan to finance all or part of your communication studies in Bordeaux, banks work in partnership with Sup de Pub. You will see them at the school’s pre-integration day.

Housing aids

By filling in the necessary files with the CAF (Caisse d’Allocations Familiales de Bordeaux), you can benefit from APL or Aides au Logement. This is done on a day school basis for students who live in a city other than Bordeaux.

What are the training programs of the Sup de Pub Bordeaux campus?

By joining the School of Communication in Bordeaux, you are well on your way to a successful professionalization and to being operational as soon as you leave the school. Here are the training programs that the Sup de Pub campus in Bordeaux offers.

The1st year program

The 1styear The first year of the Communication program at Sup de Pub de Bordeaux is intended as an introduction to the field. You have to learn languages, communication culture, strategy and creative tools.

The2nd year program

The2nd year is designed to deepen your knowledge. It focuses on the fundamental teachings of communication and digital culture. You should come out of this with an excellent foundation.

The3rd year program

You begin your specialization in the3rd year. The courses are then more technical and oriented towards a specific field. Among other things, you will study strategic thinking and planning, major economic issues and international communication.

The4th year program

From the4th year onwards, you can opt for a work-study program and thus complete your theoretical training with practical experience in a company. You can then choose to specialize in Communication and Marketing or in Communication and Digital Strategy.

The 5th year program

At the end of the 5th year, you will obtain your diploma at Sup de Pub and finalize your practice in a company.

Is a work-study program possible at Sup de Pub Bordeaux?

The work-study program is offered to communication students at Sup de Pub de Bordeaux during the last two years of the five-year program. For more information, you can always go to the FAQ section of our site.


Updated 11 March 2024