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After their first year, students can train in new digital techniques or continue their training in new creative and multimedia techniques. The second year is also open to students coming from other communication courses than a 1st year at Sup de Pub, after passing an admissions test.

The second year is punctuated by a number of high points on campus: competitions, internships, seminars and other extra-academic projects (PEA) that bring students closer to the world of communication to enable them to be operational.

OUR 2e year Bachelor’s degree to deepen your knowledge

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This mandatory two-month internship takes place just before the Christmas vacations for the Paris campus. It allows a second experience in a company before the long term internship planned in the 3rd year.

Students from the Lyon campus go on internships in June, July and August.

MiD-january : The COMPETITION

This second competition is presented under real professional conditions by a “major account” advertiser. It allows all the students to work in teams on a real subject for two weeks in January. This exercise also allows each student to see that he or she has made the right choice of specialization and to prepare in the most effective way for the third year.

International admission

Are you a student living abroad and not a French citizen, regardless of the language spoken? You are subject to the international admission procedure.

Updated 24 April 2024