Everything you need to know about the job of CRM manager: studies, salaries…

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Companies know that to optimize their business, they need to maintain a good relationship with their customers. It also helps build brand loyalty. To ensure this part, they solicit the expertise of the CRM Manager. Through our article, discover how interesting this job is. We explain in detail its role and its different missions. Since it is of interest to many young people, we indicate below the appropriate studies to become one.

What is a CRM Manager?

The CRM or Customer Relationship Management Officer is an expert in customer relations. As the name implies after translation, it deals with the management of the relationship with the customers. He is also called CRM manager, CRM project manager, CRM manager or simply customer relationship manager.

His role is to ensure the satisfaction of his company’s customers in order to build loyalty. It develops a loyalty strategy and determines an action plan to implement it. He follows up on the prospects already acquired and puts in place solutions to avoid their departure.

He is also the guarantor of a good relationship between the company and its employees, partners and suppliers. He finds ways to appeal to consumers and win new customer accounts for his employer. Thus, he develops his customer portfolio and, naturally, his turnover.

He/she has the technical and marketing skills necessary to implement the CRM tools that meet the company’s needs. Then, he manages and optimizes them for the good of the latter. There are 3 types of CRM software. This includes collaborative, analytical and operational tools.

What are the missions of the CRM Manager?

The CRM Manager can work in several sectors, including publishing, media and businesses of all kinds. Depending on the structure that requests it, its missions vary. Generally, they are summarized as follows:

  • it designs the loyalty strategy;
  • it conducts loyalty projects and campaigns;
  • He manages the company’s customer database;
  • it makes a study to determine the profile of the targets in order to segment them in the database;
  • it analyzes their behaviors to find the best way to retain them;
  • it collects relevant information on the remarks and dissatisfactions;
  • he chooses the best channels to retain customers and reach the target;
  • he/she pilots the design of the communication media used;
  • it measures the effectiveness of operations and the performance of the chosen channels;
  • he looks for new business partners and takes care of the negotiations;
  • he canvasses for new clients;
  • He manages the CRM tools and works constantly on their improvement;
  • he/she participates in the updating of the databases;
  • it improves the company’s brand image;
  • it brings in more sales.

Why become a CRM Manager?

The position of CRM Manager is interesting on different points. This is a new profession that has developed with digitalization and is still in the process of innovation. Therefore, the area remains safe and stable with a bright future. It is ideal for computer and new technology enthusiasts. Software is your field of intervention.

There are not many people who have mastered the subject. As a result, the competition is not tough and yet the new opportunities are increasing tenfold. You have the chance to find a job easily after your studies.

On the other hand, the profession is rapidly evolving to higher levels. Director positions are waiting for you after a few years of seniority. You can choose between marketing or sales manager, brand manager and loyalty manager.

How much does a CRM Manager earn?

Its remuneration also constitutes the attractiveness for this profession. Indeed, even a beginning CRM manager earns a very good living. The level is commensurate with the importance of its responsibilities. The junior profile can earn between 45,000 and 50,000 euros gross per year. This is between 3,500 and 4,500 euros per month.

For an experienced executive, the salary can reach 60,000 euros per year, or 5,000 euros per month. This increases with the size of the company, but also with the sector of activity. It is possible to receive performance bonuses in addition to this base.

What are the educational requirements to become a CRM Manager?

The training courses to be favored are in the marketing sector. You must have a bachelor’s degree to qualify for this position. Our advertising school Sup de Pub offers many programs that will help you enter this field, namely

  • Marketing, management and media production;
  • Users & Data Marketing Course;
  • Innovation Marketing & New Business ;
  • Marketing & Communication of Luxury ;
  • Influence strategy & public relations.

These courses are available in alternating years to facilitate your professional integration. At the end of the studies, we deliver you the RNCP level 7 title.

Updated 8 June 2023