What degree do you need to be a marketing professional?

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Are you passionate about marketing and want a career in the field? Do you want to be among the best and are you ready to put in the necessary effort? So, what degree do you need to be a marketing professional?

In summary:

  • You can access marketing jobs with a baccalaureate + 2.
  • However, the ideal is to have at least a degree of Bac + 3.
  • Management positions often require a degree of at least Bac + 5.
  • To be a marketing professional, the best way is to train in a business, marketing, communication or advertising school.

What degrees should I get to work in marketing?

A great advantage of marketing is that it is a sector that recruits a lot. That said, there are many jobs available depending on your profile, level of education and experience. Here are the degrees you need to prepare to work in marketing:

A BTS or a DUT

First, you can take a BTS or a DUT after your baccalaureate. These diplomas both correspond to diplomas of Bac + 2 level. At the end of your training, you are more of a technician and know the general basics of marketing. The program usually also offers mastery of other related fields including communication, advertising design and digital.

The marketing jobs that you can access with a BTS or a DUT are generally those of assistant. If you have your degree, but have some experience, you can be, for example, a web marketer.

A bachelor’s degree

After a BTS or a DUT, you can normally continue your marketing studies and obtain a diploma at bac + 3 level. This normally corresponds to a bachelor’s degree or a pro license. By the end of this course, you should have mastered all the basics of marketing.

You must also have an excellent knowledge of the tools you need to work in the industry. This includes software used in digital marketing. If you want to go into the international field, opt for a bachelor’s degree.

A major difference between the bachelor’s degree and the licence is that the teaching of foreign languages is more advanced in the former. With a bachelor’s degree, you can always start as an assistant, but can expect a career progression with time and experience.

A master

The ideal way to build a solid profile and be a marketing professional is to take a master’s degree. It normally corresponds to a diploma of Bac + 5. Virtually all marketing manager and director positions require at least this level.


What are the qualities needed to work in marketing?

It goes without saying that you absolutely have to go to a good business, marketing or communication school to work in marketing. However, to be among the best and to excel in your work requires you to develop certain qualities which are as follows:

  • excellent communication and interpersonal skills;
  • have an analytical mind and an eye for detail;
  • be organized, rigorous and meticulous;
  • Excellent language and management skills;
  • Be versatile and know how to work individually as well as in a group.

Does Sup de Pub offer marketing degrees?

To be a marketing professional, join Supdepub. This marketing and communication school does offer marketing degrees. It is simply a matter of choosing the right program from among all those offered on the site. If there is a particular course that interests you, get more information by going to the FAQ section.

Thus, you can choose to specialize in Marketing & CSR communication at Supdepub. Or, opt for marketing & communication of cultural and creative industries. If you prefer, you can also choose to study luxury communication & marketing.

What jobs can I do after a marketing course at Sup de Pub?

After a marketing training at Supdepub, you can normally enter many professions, including those in related fields. You can work in communication, events, digital, product development, media planning, and others.

Your position in a company depends on the degree you have earned. Marketing jobs are progressive, but you can expect to be promoted with seniority and the right experience.


Updated 11 March 2024