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Online presence is no longer an option for a company, it is a necessity. However, the management of digital tools requires specific expertise to ensure their performance. The objective is that the actions taken have a positive impact on the company’s finances. This requires the intervention of the Procurement Manager. In this article, find out everything you need to know about this profession.

What is an Acquisition Manager?

The Acquisition Manager implements a digital strategy to increase the traffic of the company’s website. In this perspective, he leads and directs optimized campaigns on the web in order to increase its visibility. To succeed in his project, he uses all the acquisition and marketing levers.

Apart from generating traffic, its objective is to attract prospects to its employer’s site. It seeks to generate leads or new customer accounts. Before developing an action plan, he conducts studies and analyses to determine the various optimizations required. Then he plans and implements them.

The Acquisition Manager ensures that each campaign runs smoothly and is of high quality. It analyzes the performance of the actions carried out. He is the guarantor of the achievement of the set objectives.

To carry out his missions, this digital marketing expert has a perfect command of the online traffic acquisition channels. This includes SEO, SEA, affiliate and retargeting techniques. He is comfortable with the Web environment because he knows it very well. He/she has good negotiation skills and good interpersonal skills.

What are the missions of the Acquisition Manager?

The missions of the Procurement Manager depend on the structure that solicits him, but also on its size. However, all his responsibilities revolve around the Web and digital. Its main functions include:

  • the definition of the acquisition strategy adapted to its sponsor;
  • the development of an audience retention strategy to keep the customers already acquired;
  • the implementation of optimized campaigns in order to boost the traffic of the site;
  • the search for effective solutions to attract Internet users to the site;
  • optimizing the online visibility of his company;
  • the study of each project to determine the objectives, the deadlines, the obligations of result and the budget;
  • Overall project and budget management to avoid overruns;
  • contracting and negotiating external partnerships if necessary;
  • briefing and leading a team if he works for a large company;
  • analysis of the performance of the actions and reporting to the management;
  • The realization of a technological watch to keep abreast of new developments in terms of digital tools and optimization;
  • the direction of offline acquisition actions in certain cases;
  • the choice of adapted acquisition tools, digital instruments and performance measurement.

Why become an acquisition manager?

Becoming an acquisition manager means being completely immersed in the digital world. Your main interventions take place on the web. Therefore, this job is perfect for a technology and Internet enthusiast. You work in an industry that is evolving and changing a lot. You are familiar with trends and the latest technological advances.

As a whole, its missions remain captivating and dynamic. This prevents you from getting bored. Moreover, it is a stable job that offers interesting prospects for development. With the influx of digitalization, the demands and opportunities will increase further. It is in favor of your future insertion.

After a few years as a Procurement Manager, you have access to management positions. It is possible to become a Web Marketing Manager, an e-Commerce Manager or a Digital Marketing Director. Your responsibilities will double and so will your salary.

How much does an acquisition manager earn?

The salary received by the Acquisition Manager is generous at all levels. A beginner already earns 30,000 euros per year or 2,500 euros gross per month. The annual remuneration of a senior manager increases to 45,000 euros, which is equivalent to more than 3,500 euros per month.

As for the senior acquisition manager, he or she can earn up to 70,000 euros per year, or around 6,000 euros per month. This allows us to live in the best conditions.

What are the requirements to become an acquisition manager?

To qualify for this position, it is advisable to have a 5-year degree in digital marketing. Our advertising school Sup de Pub recommends programs adapted to this profession. Note that they are available in alternating years and remain open to all candidates, whether they are in France or abroad. We have:

  • SP5 Digital Marketing, Innovation & Start-up Project;
  • Luxury Brand Communication & Marketing specialization;
  • the specialization Marketing of Innovation & New Business ;
  • the Users & Data Marketing specialization.

We deliver a state-recognized diploma to our students. We are talking about the RNCPlevel 7title , the equivalent of a 5-year degree.

Updated 8 June 2023