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Do you have a creative mind and master the art of communicating in different ways? You are also a strategist and have excellent analytical skills? You have everything you need for a career in advertising. To stand out in this environment, discover how to analyze a brand strategy.

In summary:


  • Consists in taking care of the image of the brand to better emphasize it.
  • Constitutes a real effective marketing strategy.
  • Allows to face the competition and to stand out.
  • Needs a lot of creativity and great communication skills.
  • Is taught in advertising schools.

How to analyze a brand strategy ?

If your role in a company is to analyze a brand strategy, there are some important points to consider.

The reputation of the brand

First, you need to assess the brand’s reputation. Does it have a strong image? Do consumers have trouble remembering it? These are all details that will allow you to position the brand in relation to competing brands.

You then have an idea of its place in the market. This allows you to react appropriately to make it more visible to consumers.

The evolution of the brand

As a brand manager or branding professional, it is also your role to study the evolution of the brand. To do this, you need to know its history and see how it has developed over the years. This is how you can establish how to retain customers over the long term.

The objectives of the brand

Knowing the brand’s objectives is part of the analysis of a brand strategy. From these, you may or may not suggest identifying new ones or developing new techniques to achieve them.

What the brand inspires in customers

If you are the one in charge of analyzing a brand strategy, you should definitely study what the brand inspires in customers. To do this, you can use surveys on social networks or simply rely on consumer feedback. This is essential to continue to build loyalty and seek new customers for the brand.

What are the intrinsic values of the brand?

As the person responsible for the strategic analysis of a brand, you need to know its intrinsic values. If you are looking to develop a good brand, it is imperative that it has a story. If not, it is up to you to create it. Next, you need to clearly define its objectives. This is what will make its personality, a point that distinguishes it from others on the market.

The visual identity of the brand you want to promote must be well thought out. Nowadays, customers pay a lot of attention to this detail. If it’s relevant and effective, that’s what will make them choose your brand over another.

How to communicate on the brand?

You can use several tools to communicate about the brand, and this is precisely what advertising schools like Supdepub teach you. You have to focus on the logo and the slogan. The graphic charter is also very important in the brand strategy since it is what will determine the visual identity of the brand.

How does the brand communicate its values through the different communication channels?

With the evolution of technology and digital, it is important to know how to use the different tools available to promote the brand. With the existing communication channels, you should try to make good use of the newest and most used ones. Among other things, promote the brand via social networks to target a larger number of customers.

How do brands define their strategies?

To define their strategies, brands can choose to develop their own strategies or call on a professional. This is usually a branding expert or a brand manager. Join Supdepub if you want to direct your professional project in this direction.

To learn how to analyze a brand strategy and promote it effectively, choose from the available programs. For example, you can study communication and graphic design. For additional information on programs and admission procedures, please visit the FAQ section of our website.


Updated 11 March 2024