Why study event management ?

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Do you want to study in a field that you are passionate about and that can provide you with a comfortable living? Are you creative and have a sense of adventure? Choose a field in which you are sure to thrive. This article explains why you should study event management.

In summary:

Doing Event Studies:

  • Is necessary to develop your artistic talents and creativity.
  • Allows you to work in communication, marketing and events.
  • Can offer you many opportunities.
  • Allows you to access a large number of trades.

Why study event management?

The field of event management is exciting and encompasses several sectors. From communication to business and marketing, everything is connected. The only requirement to succeed and reach your goals in the event industry is to be passionate about it.

Doing event studies is beneficial in many ways:

  • It is a versatile sector that can help you master other sectors of activity. By studying event management, you also learn the basics of marketing, communication, business and advertising;
  • the event industry gives you access to many opportunities. Whether you choose to continue your studies or enter the professional world, it opens many doors for you. If you decide to study in a communication and marketing school like Supdepub, you have a wide choice of courses. If you choose to work, you can also access many positions;
  • Nowadays, more and more individuals are calling upon event professionals to organize special events. It can be a wedding, a trade show, a recruitment, a sports event or a show. With the evolution of digital technology, these professionals can also be called upon to ensure the smooth running of an online or live event.

What jobs are there in the event management sector?

If students and even sometimes professionals in reconversion turn to the event industry, it is mainly because it gives you access to many jobs. Among the most popular are the following:

The event project manager

Often, when students want to study event management, it is to try to become an event project manager. If you’re really passionate about the field, this is the perfect job to let you take care of almost everything. Your role is to organize, coordinate and direct all operations to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

The organizer of a sporting event

If you have a preference for the sports field, you can also study event management and organize sports events. This is the best way for you to combine your 2 passions.

The wedding planner

The wedding planner profession is still quite new. If you get there, you have to plan a whole wedding. You will be responsible for the exchange of greetings, the reception and the band.

The sound and light engineer

The profession of sound and light engineer is also practiced in the field of event management. By accessing it, you can intervene as well for a live broadcast on television or online on the Internet.

The set designer

If you decide to study event planning, you can choose to become a set designer. It is a job that is classified in the purely artistic side of the event business. Thus, by taking on this position, you are responsible for bringing a play or show to life.

Which studies to follow at Sup de Pub to work in the event industry?

Join Supdepub to work in the event. Then find all the programs available on the site. The FAQ section is also at your disposal if you need information.

Among the different options you have, you can for example choose to study communication and audiovisual production or opt for a training in art direction and visual design.

Why go to a business school for your training?

Business and event management are fields that require a lot of practice before becoming a professional. It is for this purpose that the alternation was created. It effectively allows you to gain work experience while you are still a student.

Choosing to study a sandwich course in business school also gives you the opportunity to receive your diploma at the same time as you work.


Updated 11 March 2024