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For a site to attract Internet users, a beautiful design is not enough. Above all, it must be practical and functional. A better user experience ensures you get the most traffic. This is where the UX designer comes in. He continually finds solutions to keep the navigation on the site pleasant. To help you better understand this profession, we explain in detail what its role is.

What is a UX designer?

A UX designer is a digital expert who works to improve the user experience on a given site. In his conception of the digital product, he studies the behavior and the psychology of the users in order to understand them. With the results, it highlights their needs. Thus, he can develop solutions to make the tool both functional and enjoyable for them.

His field is focused on the human factor. In fact, the term user experience encompasses the emotional and mental responses of an individual when interacting with a product. He usually works for e-commerce sites. It can be used by major brands and companies in all sectors in full digital development.

The UX designer makes sure that the navigation on the sales site becomes fluid and pleasant. He studies and designs practical options that can facilitate the act of purchasing. Thanks to this, it has the power to improve the conversion rate. He masters the basics in design and has a sense of beauty. This helps him to think about the visual aspect of the interface while integrating the necessary functionalities.

Most of his work consists of creating prototypes before the final product is developed. Not to be confused with a UI designer, who only deals with the visual design of interfaces.

What are the missions of the UX designer?

The UX designer is responsible for the ergonomics of the site. He chooses the different functionalities to be added according to the needs of the users that he has previously studied. Thanks to his work, the product’s appearance is more user-friendly and intuitive. He takes charge of the overall design of a product in its entirety. For this, it takes into account many elements, such as:

  • the business objectives of his employer;
  • branding;
  • communication and marketing strategies;
  • the needs of the users and the targeted people;
  • Internet users’ behaviors and consumption patterns;
  • competitors’ products;
  • market developments;
  • the overall aesthetics of the site.

His areas of expertise include logistics, marketing and project management. The UX design expert works closely with several teams, including the communication branch and the creative team.

A UX designer’s mission is also to know his target in detail. The objective is to find the obstacles she might face when using the product. In addition, it must plan the action plans related to the resolution of these problems. It offers models that highlight simple to understand and use functionalities.

Its missions contribute to facilitate the navigation of the visitors, but especially to push them to buy. They increase the visibility of a brand and boost sales.

Why become a UX designer?

Nowadays, many students naturally gravitate towards the digital professions. UX design is one of the creative fields that attracts. Working in this position offers you many benefits and opportunities. Your career can quickly evolve. If you are passionate about technology and digital, this is a job you will be able to thrive in.

You will be working with many people in different areas. This creates enriching experiences. Moreover, this job can be done anywhere in the world.

A UX designer is a highly coveted person by companies of all sizes. His skills and talents justify his fairly high salary. This profession also promises attractive career prospects. He can become an Information Architect or Web Project Manager.

How much does a UX designer earn?

The average monthly income of a user UX designer varies between €2,600 and €3,500. This can reach 5 000 € for senior profiles. Of course, it all depends on the size and reputation of the company.

What studies are required to become a UX designer?

It is then important to follow studies in adequacy with the requirements of this profession. Sup de pub is a great school of advertising which trains in this sector. This is the best school choice, if you want to build a great career as a UX designer.

We offer the SP4/SP5 UX & experiential strategy program. This is a two-year alternating course, accessible from Bac+3. This training introduces you to the understanding of human behavior and teaches you how to solve problems. At the end, you will obtain the RNCP level 7 title.

Updated 11 March 2024