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Better than a Bachelor’s degree, the Bac+3 at Sup de Pub!

The 3rd year (SP3) offers common courses in strategic thinking and planning, English, major economic issues and international communication. This third year, which is very structuring, also includes three competitions and a video seminar during which all students work in groups. Students choose a specialization from among the 6 offered, depending on the direction they wish to give to their future professional career.

This third year is a very rich promotion. A multitude of profiles meet there: an incredible mix which takes all its sense during the competitions which allow a beautiful effusion of ideas!

The third year is also the year of international exchanges(Erasmus). Students have the opportunity to go abroad to over 40 countries around the world. In Europe and outside Europe, going abroad in the third year is not compulsory but is strongly recommended, as geographical mobility is highly prized by companies.

Admission à l’international

Vous êtes étudiants résidant à l’étranger et n’ayant pas la nationalité française, quelle que soit la langue parlée ? Vous êtes soumis à la procédure d’admission internationale.

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Want to know more about the 3rd year?

Choose your 3rd year specialization carefully:

Internal students from the two Bac+2 programs at Sup de Pub can freely choose one of the 6 options offered in the 3rd year.

For external students joining us in parallel admission, there are two levels of choice depending on their previous course of study:

An internship of at least 4 months is mandatory at the end of the 3rd year

This internship, which is longer than in the 1st and 2nd years, is also a good opportunity to discover a company and to negotiate a work-study contract in the 4th year.

Updated 4 May 2022