Everything you need to know about the SEA and SEO Expert job: studies, salaries…

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The Web professions are gaining in popularity and are of interest to people wishing to become self-employed. Becoming a SEA and SEO Expert is one of the opportunities available to you in this field as a student. This type of career allows you to become a key player in the web marketing strategy of a brand by intervening on two main sources of traffic. Your missions will focus on paid search (SEA) and natural search (SEO).

What is a SEA and SEO Expert?

The SEA and SEO Expert, also called web referencing or SEO manager, is a specialist in digital marketing, and more specifically in search engines. His job is to optimize the visibility and the audience of a website. This requires the definition of a strategy and the implementation of a series of actions to improve the positioning of the platform on search engines. In concrete terms, the objective is to reach the first place in the results of specific requests in the form of keywords made by Internet users. This consultant can work as a freelancer or as a salaried employee in a digital agency, with an advertiser or in a large organization.

What is the difference between a SEA Expert and an SEO Expert?

The work of a SEA expert and that of an SEO expert are opposite, but complementary.

The SEA Expert deals with the study and development of a paid referencing strategy, while the SEO Expert focuses on the natural referencing operations of a site in the long term. These include the creation of content, the acquisition of inbound links and the technical optimization of the site.

What are the missions of the SEA and SEO Expert?

The SEA and SEO Expert is a professional who combines the skills and missions of the SEA Expert and the SEO Expert. It intervenes in the framework of paid referencing and natural referencing of a site to improve its positioning.

In SEO, the web referrer is required to :

  • optimize the technical design of the website;
  • improve each page through the selection of relevant keywords, also called semantic optimization;
  • analyze and monitor traffic (positioning, performance and audience);
  • create backlinks.

In SEA, the SEO uses :

  • keyword acquisition to position yourself and generate qualified traffic on the internet platform;
  • social networks in order to develop its visibility via advertising campaigns.

Concretely, the SEA and SEO Expert is in charge of optimizing the presence of a company on the Internet by :

  • identification of the website’s targets;
  • Competitive analysis through keyword testing;
  • improving the structure of the site;
  • writing optimized content;
  • improvement of the indexation of the site at the level of the search engines;
  • monitoring and evaluation of the impact of the actions that are implemented;
  • the realization of a permanent watch in order to facilitate the adjustment of the referencing of the site;
  • the development of an effective referencing strategy;
  • the implementation of various optimization actions (technical and editorial elaboration of campaigns, definition of performance indices, and performance monitoring and analysis for example).

Why become a SEA and SEO Expert?

The SEA and SEO expert is a profession that comes with various opportunities. It is highly sought after in the IT sector, but also in other areas of activity such as development, web marketing and web design. The job offers are greater than the demand, and this profession allows to obtain interesting incomes. The SEO manager can also become a digital project manager during his career.

How much does a SEA and SEO Expert earn?

The remuneration of a SEA and SEO expert varies according to different criteria, namely his diplomas, his years of experience, his geographical location and his legal status. At the beginning of their career, they are likely to earn between 25,000 and 32,000 euros gross per year. After 2 years of experience, the salary can reach more than 50 000 euros gross per year.

What studies are required to become a SEA and SEO Expert?

A good training is necessary to become a SEA and SEO Expert. In addition, you must be adaptable, organized, rigorous, able to synthesize and analyze information, and have a good command of programming languages and Internet audience measurement tools. You must have a Bac+2 or even a Bac+5 in marketing or IT, or a technical and webmarketing background.
An advertising school such as Sup de Pub offers diploma studies adapted to this career choice. This ranges from SP3 Brand Strategy to SP5 Brand Advertising Communication or SP5 Editorial Strategy and Editorial Communication.

Updated 11 March 2024