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The Editorial Project Manager is responsible for the editorial strategy to provide persuasive content to consumers. He intervenes at all levels of web or print content production, from their conception to their distribution. Training in communications and editorial strategy are the best paths to this profession.

What is an editorial project manager?

The editorial project manager is one of the web operators. He can also operate in the publishing or print media. He or she is primarily responsible for the editorial content. Its performance is reflected in the effectiveness of its content strategy. If he works on the web, he is required to establish the editorial policy of the sites. In this perspective, he ensures the integration of texts, images and videos to be presented to visitors.

He is an expert in communication who relies on his writing and relational skills to develop print and/or web content. In all, here are the skills required to do this job:

  • analytical skills;
  • great writing skills ;
  • relational ease ;
  • organizational skills;
  • rigor ;
  • practical knowledge of web 2.0.

What are the missions of the editorial project manager?

The Editorial Project Manager’ s mission is to ensure the production, structure and distribution of print and/or web content. It is the guarantor of the success of editorial projects. By setting up a well-defined editorial line, he acts as a coordinator of the projects in question. Several complementary missions are added to its main missions to ensure the production of content. Overall, its missions are summarized as follows:

  • setting up of the editorial line ;
  • close collaboration with a team of writers and illustrators for the design of content;
  • monitoring and evaluation of the production chain and the content produced;
  • Establishment of release schedules.

Why become an Editorial Project Manager?

The day-to-day tasks of the editorial project manager can be said to influence the intellectual level. This is a good reason to do this job, in addition to being passionate about publishing work. You can also become an editorial project manager to pursue a career in the print media, in publishing or in the web sector.

It is a profession in full evolution, given that the trend is now towards the development of digital. The web, the press and publishing are also promising sectors. In addition, all areas of activity using the website as a communication channel require the presence of an editorial manager.

Most editorial project managers also choose to do this job to benefit from the advantageous working conditions. Many decide to work in the private sector to be well paid. It is also a way to get in touch with people who share the same interests.

In addition, it is common for a web editor, writer or graphic designer to become an editorial manager at a later date. Many young students also go through the editorial project manager position to become a director of a communications department. Some choose this path to create their own communication company.

How much does an Editorial Project Manager earn?

The salary of an editorial project manager depends largely on the size of the company that hires him. If you decide to do this job, the time to fight for your pay is when you are hired.

The editorial manager receives an average of €2,500 gross monthly salary at the beginning of his or her career. With a successful past experience, he/she can claim a monthly gross salary of 3 500 €. At the end of his career, he can earn up to €5,000 gross in a month.

What are the educational requirements for becoming an Editorial Project Manager?

You need to study communications if you are aiming for a position as an editorial manager in any sector. There are many different career paths, but a 3 to 5 year degree will give you quick access to this position. Join our communication school Sup de Pub in France or abroad to give yourself this opportunity. Among the professional training courses offered, some are more adapted to the job of Editorial Project Manager:

  • Bac+1 Communication ;
  • Bac+2 Communication and Digital ;
  • Bac+3 Communication and Writing ;
  • Bac+4/5 Editorial Strategy and Communication ;
  • Bac+4/5 Communication & Audiovisual production ;
  • Bac+4/5 Design-Editing.
Updated 6 June 2023