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Communication jobs are evolving rapidly and digital marketing is one of the pillars of this evolution. Thinking about the future of communication means anticipating the evolution of digital marketing, and professionals must find the right balance between what they have to do in the short term and what they have to plan for in 3 to 5 years. Countless new professions have emerged. What are the new communication jobs? In this article, we give you a general overview of the most sought-after profiles on the market today.

why have new communication professions appeared on the job market?

The appearance of new communication professions is due to the evolution of existing professions and the appearance of new markets. The communication professions evolve according to the context in which they develop. Web-based professions have also emerged, as the Internet has become a practical and effective communication channel.

The emergence of new professions is mainly due to the digital revolution. The communication profession requires the mastery of new communication tools. Handling digital tools requires expertise and specialized skills.

what are the new communication jobs that are recruiting the most?

Numerous communication professions have emerged over the last few decades and continue to develop. Most of their missions are related to new needs, or to specific problems that have arisen in the context of the development of digital and digital technology.

Brand content manager:

The brand content manager is the guarantor of the consistency and quality of the content created by the company, i.e. advertising messages, news, videos. He is responsible for the overall production of this content and is in charge of the writing, design and development. He also coordinates the different actors involved in the creation of the content.

UX Designer :

The designer (UX) is responsible for designing a website or software that allows the user to carry out his actions. It optimizes the experience that the visitor or user will be confronted with according to the objectives set. He also ensures the graphic coherence and the positioning of the company or the brand on the web. He must be a good communicator, because he has to communicate with the different actors involved in the design of the website such as the developers.

Digital project manager :

Thedigital project manager is the privileged interlocutor of the communication agency or the brand. He is the guarantor of the good realization of the various projects. He ensures that these projects respect the desires and expectations of the clients and that they are in line with new technologies. He or she is responsible for ensuring that advertising or information campaigns are well executed and meet the client’s needs.

Growth hacker:

The growth hacker is a user experience specialist. He is responsible for perfecting the strategy of acquiring new customers and developing the number of users of the service. This profile is often attached to marketing.

Social media manager:

The social media manager is a digital marketing specialist who manages a brand’s relationships on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram. He is the guarantor of the proper functioning of these platforms. His mission is to develop the number of fans and followers on these networks.

Traffic manager:

The traffic manager is responsible for the quality of the brand’s audience. His mission is to ensure that the number of visitors to the brand’s website matches the expectations and needs of the customers. It also makes the users feel comfortable on the website and that they feel invited to stay.

E-reputation consultant :

The e-reputation consultant is a specialist in digital communication. It helps companies to manage their image on the Internet, to communicate better and to be more efficient in their digital strategy.

what qualities should you have to succeed in the new communication professions?

The new communication jobs require certain qualities:

  • be curious and have a taste for learning: the communication professions have very strong specificities. You can’t get there without being curious and having a taste for learning. Communication is a field of activity in which we constantly improve through meeting others, through exchanges and listening to others;
  • have good analytical skills and a good capacity to adapt: the new professions require people who are able to take a step back, to question themselves, to make the link between the idea and the realization, and to be attentive to the expectations of Internet users. They need to be able to adapt to rapidly changing situations and content;
  • Knowing how to work in a team: working in a communication agency is a team effort: it is essential to be able to work with others, to be interested in what they do, to be communicative.

how to train for the new communication jobs?

There are several ways to train in communication. But if you want to specialize, it is preferable to integrate a school of communication, such as Sup de Pub. Within the communication schools, the training offered is very varied and allows the acquisition of multidisciplinary skills. Depending on the path chosen, students can obtain a level 7 RNCP certificate.


Updated 21 February 2023