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Internationally, companies are constantly looking for highly qualified and motivated individuals to build their careers. We all dream of this kind of opportunity. Moreover, the sectors that recruit are numerous and varied. This allows you to choose the field in which you want to build your career. Yet, to achieve this dream, you must have a state-approved degree and the necessary skills. For this, coherent studies are needed. We inform you about the possible jobs abroad and the sectors concerned.

Sectors that recruit internationally.

Several sectors are recruiting internationally. However, only ambitious and competent candidates are accepted. In order to build a career in a foreign country, you must first complete higher education. They must be related to your chosen profession. Some international management positions require significant work experience. The sectors that are recruiting are the following:

  • the engineering sector: all sectors are concerned. These include finance, energy, aeronautics and petrochemicals. Both recent graduates and experienced professionals can apply;
  • the tourism sector: in this rather vast sector, career choices are abundant, as are applications. Therefore, it is easy to access;
  • the international trade sector : it is large enough to accommodate future candidates, provided they have the right assets. The competition is quite tough, only the most convincing are accepted. You must speak at least 3 languages;
  • the teaching sector: the teaching field requires people with certified and state-issued diplomas. It is a promising but demanding sector.

Jobs that recruit internationally.

Many jobs are available in various foreign countries. All areas have demands. The biggest advantage of an international career is the salary. You can be paid twice as much as in your home country. The doors are wide open for qualified and competent people. Here are the jobs that are recruiting internationally.

In the financial field

After graduation, you can become a finance consultant, finance manager or finance manager. The professions of insurance advisor, accountant or financial analyst are also recruiting a lot.

In the tourism field

It is possible to work as a tourist product manager, travel guide or travel consultant. There are also the positions of tour guide and local tourism development officer. These places are highly coveted.

In the hotel industry

Positions with high demand are hotel receptionist, revenue manager, hotel tester and many more. They are available in almost every country in the world, especially for paradise and tourist destinations.

In the field of communication

This field recruits a lot, and young people who are passionate and dynamic are the most sought after. You can work as a communication manager,data communication analyst or digital communication manager.

In the field of international trade

The jobs that are recruiting are sales manager, sales assistant and project manager. However, being a sales executive requires solid business knowledge and good interpersonal skills. It is also necessary to speak several languages.

Jobs that can be done anywhere.

Nowadays, there are several professions that can be practiced anywhere in the world. For example, a freelance IT developer can work in his or her home town or abroad. The communication consultant, the community manager and the journalist are free to work where they want. This is also true for all other freelance or full remote positions.

Jobs where you travel a lot internationally.

Some jobs offer the opportunity to travel around the world. Here are some examples of these trades:

  • the travel guide: it is a dream job for many. Indeed, it allows you to visit countries for free. There are many positions associated with this field;
  • the business analyst: he/she can work in large companies with international subsidiaries. As a result, experts travel a lot. Business groups or hotel chains are the most in demand;
  • Diplomat: This position allows you to serve your native country internationally. Thus, the diplomat can travel to various foreign nations.

Which countries for which professions / sectors?

If you are in the field of engineering or finance, you can apply anywhere in Europe. These sectors are also successful in Switzerland and Norway. For energy, petrochemical and aeronautical engineers, Canada is the country where these positions are most in demand. As for nurses, doctors or chefs, these are professions that are useful everywhere.

The professions revolving around international trade are more popular in the Middle East. Sales managers, sales directors and data analysts are more sought after in the United States, London and Australia. The field of education is particularly attractive in South America.

The international jobs you can apply for after graduating from Supdepub.

Sup de pub is a great school of advertising. We are much more oriented in the field of e-business, communication, marketing and advertising creation. The diplomas we deliver are certified and approved by the State. As a result, our graduates can apply for international job opportunities. We ensure that our students have the necessary qualifications to build international careers.


Updated 11 March 2024