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Are you desperate to know what your brand has to offer customers and if it is up to par with the competition? Do you want to exploit its advantages to build customer loyalty and ensure its constant development? Learn how to define an effective brand strategy by reading this article to achieve your goal.

In summary:


  • Allows you to secure your investment in the brand.
  • Allows you to anticipate potential problems and successes as the brand evolves.
  • It gives you the opportunity to satisfy your customers and to build their loyalty.
  • Is taught in a school of communication and/or advertising.

Defining your brand strategy: essential tips

When looking to develop a brand, it is important to avoid defining your brand strategy randomly. Here are some tips on how to do this successfully.

  • Always consider your brand’s personality. Try to define what distinguishes it from other competing brands and seek to exploit and improve that detail that makes it authentic;
  • Make sure you highlight your brand’s history and make it evolve with the customer and the market;
  • create a great image for your brand to retain customers and find new ones;
  • Always refer to the market and take into account the competition to preserve your visibility.

What is a brand strategy ?

Brand strategy can be defined as the set of means you use to promote your brand and ensure its development. It requires mastering the basics of marketing and knowing the art of communication. But most importantly, it involves knowing how to advertise your brand.

All these skillsare best acquired in a good communication and advertising school like Supdepub. Depending on your project and the nature of your brand, simply choose the program of your choice from the list.


From the3rd year, you have the possibility to specialize in Brand Strategy at Supdepub. If you want to enter the international market, you can choose to studyinternational brand strategy & marketing in5th year. If you are interested in other programs, you can always find out more by visiting the site or the FAQ section.

Why do we need a brand strategy?

Branding is so important these days, especially in the face of increasingly fierce competition. In addition, it serves to guarantee the sustainability of your business. Indeed, the market evolves at the same time as the needs of the customers. To create a strong brand that maintains its visibility over the years, you need an effective branding strategy.

Key steps in creating a brand strategy

When creating an effective brand strategy, here are some key steps you need to follow.

Study the market and the clientele

The first thing to do to define a brand strategy is to study the market and the clientele to be targeted. You can do this through surveys. You can also collect the various comments and reviews that customers leave on blogs and/or social networks.

Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the brand

In order to define a brand strategy, you must know its strengths and weaknesses. Only then can you assess the viability of your project and adjust the strategy to be adopted.

Consider the competition

One mistake to avoid is ignoring or underestimating the competition. It is essential to always look for the extra points that your brand has compared to competing brands. This is especially to better guide your project and constantly seek to improve your product.

Establish an effective action plan

It is by following all these steps that you will be able to establish an effective action plan. Once you have done the necessary analysis and research based on customer, market and competitive data, you are more likely to adopt the right strategy.

The best branding strategies

The best branding strategies involve, for example, its rapid recall by customers. This is mainly because the brand manager has taken the trouble to take care of its image by creating a striking logo and/or slogan. Customers are then more attracted and thanks to the quality you offer, you can even retain them.


Updated 11 March 2024