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Luxury is a very broad field. Many people dream of working there. In addition, the jobs are varied. Nevertheless, the professions in the sector require very specific training, such as luxury marketing. If you want to pursue your studies in this direction, here are some leads.

Where to study luxury marketing?

Institutions that offer a program on luxury marketing are:

  • Business schools. In particular, you will find higher education courses based on marketing, including luxury marketing, communication, management, finance, human resources, etc. This makes it easier for you to reorient yourself if luxury marketing is not for you;
  • universities that are much more financially accessible. You can directly access the various courses of study as soon as you obtain your baccalaureate;
  • schools specialized in luxury. They will be able to offer you a complete and oriented curriculum.

Are there different types of training in luxury marketing?

Indeed, there are different types of training in luxury marketing. These vary depending on the specialization you wish to do.

  • BTS: BTS in hotel and catering, BTS in luxury goods, BTS in fashion design, BTS in oenology, BTS in gemology, etc;
  • Licences: Licence pro marketing de luxe, Licence pro commerce de luxe, Licence pro luxe, Licence pro hôtellerie, Licence pro vin et spiritueux, etc;
  • Bachelors : Bachelor in luxury, Bachelor in hotel management, Bachelor in gastronomy, etc;
  • Masters: Master of Luxury Marketing, Master of Luxury Management, Master of Luxury, Master of Hotel Management, etc.

What are the criteria for choosing a luxury marketing course?

You should never neglect the choice of your training in order to ensure your professional integration. For your luxury marketing education, here are the criteria to consider:

  • the possibility of specialization to facilitate your orientation;
  • the presence of work experience or internships to transform your knowledge into professional skills;
  • the corporate network that the institution has to promote you;
  • the high level of the professional integration rate of young graduates to facilitate your professional integration.

How to find your luxury marketing training?

Please note that you can access to luxury marketing courses You can also enroll in this type of training with a BTS or a BUT, especially with a specialization in negotiation and customer relations, marketing techniques, or management of commercial units.

With a bachelor’s degree in foreign languages or in economics and management, you can also apply for a master’s degree in luxury marketing. However, to find your training, you’ll have to choose between two options:

  • approach the institution of your choice directly and submit an application;
  • submit wishes on the Parcoursup platform.

Sup de Pub work-study programs in luxury marketing

Sup de Pub offers work-study programs in luxury marketing. They are even accessible to people with disabilities. The objective of the courses is to teach students to lead a team, to manage a department or a department, but above all to define and manage marketing and communication strategies for brands. The teaching is based on the use of the codes of luxury and on the particular techniques of communication. At the end of the training, students know how to intervene in different areas, which makes them even more professional. To integrate these courses, you need a validated Bac+3 or a level 6 certification or equivalent in the fields of marketing, communication, marketing and management.

What are the contents of the courses in luxury marketing at Sup de Pub?

The contents of the trainings are :

  1. SP4/SP5 communication & marketing of luxury
  • history and codes of luxury, jewelry, perfumery/cosmetics;
  • luxury communication, luxury marketing, customer behavior, intercultural management, PR and events, brand management;
  • CRM marketing, merchandising, video editing, Photoshop and InDesign.
  1. SP5 Luxury Marketing & Communication
  • retailing/e-retailing ;
  • panorama of the luxury industry ;
  • marketing strategy and international marketing ;
  • levers of digital marketing in luxury ;
  • luxury and new media ;
  • brand content.

How to get into a business school to study luxury marketing?

When you enter a business school, you benefit from internship and/or work-study periods. It is even possible to carry out international exchanges. In general, admission to a business school to study luxury marketing is based on an application and a competitive examination. You can perfectly integrate the program at any level of study, from first to fifth grade. However, each school has its own admission schedule, so you should find out as early as possible. Then, when you are admitted, you have a certain amount of time to finalize your registration.


Updated 11 March 2024