Bachelor’s degree in event management and communication, studies and professional opportunities

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Once the baccalaureate is in their pocket, many baccalaureate holders turn to Bachelors programs. In this perspective, several paths are available to them. Among the most sought-after sectors is the events sector. What should we remember about the Bachelor in Event Management? What are the studies to go through and the professional opportunities?

What is a Bachelor’s degree in event management ?

Definition of the Bachelor in Event Management

The term “event” refers to disciplines related to communication. Whether internal or external, communication aims to launch a professional project. The event management covers the promotion, creation and management of events. These can be commercial, public or cultural. Many management schools now offer Bachelors in Event Management.

The “Bachelor of Event Management” is defined as a training program for students in their third year. Many schools offer this course of study within their establishments. They train the future managers of tomorrow. The latter will be required to manage the event operations of companies. The Bachelors in Event Management courses enable participants to respond to the communication needs of organizations.

Purpose of the training

Graduates of the Bachelor’s degree in event management benefit from a better professional integration. Many recruiters turn to these profiles because of their determination and operational capacity. Indeed, the training provided by the Bachelors in Events allows them to join the workforce immediately upon completion of the program.

Admission requirements

The bachelor’s degree in event management is available:

  • after the baccalaureate (technical or general) to follow a course of study lasting at least three years;
  • in parallel admission, to enter the third year directly. This applies after obtaining a BTS in communication or a DUT. The same is true for students who have already completed their first two years in business school.

The entrance exam varies depending on the institution. Generally speaking, admission includes an interview and written tests in English, logic or essay.

Which studies to work in the event industry?

The Bachelor’s degree in event management covers a complete and varied range of programs. During the three years of study, the participant combines theoretical and practical courses through immersion courses. In this regard, some universities offer work-study programs for students who need a more flexible schedule.

During the first year, students in the Bachelor’s degree in event management are introduced to the world of communication in general. The courses provided shed light on the tools, issues and actors of event communication. In the second year, skills are further developed. Among the subjects studied, we can mention:

  • the political and legal environment;
  • business development ;
  • event production;
  • information technology.

In the third year, students in the bachelor’s degree in event management focus on more advanced studies in the communication field. Among the main lines, we find:

  • communication and business strategy ;
  • Event project management;
  • performance management;
  • creativity in events

What are the jobs in the event industry?

What are the different jobs open to Bachelor’s degree holders in event management ? The exciting world of events requires talent for the accomplishment of various professional missions. These professions are constantly evolving as a result of globalization and the technological revolution.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of professions that are open to Bachelors in Events:

  • event project manager ;
  • organizer of sports events ;
  • fair/exhibition manager ;
  • business event planner ;
  • artistic and cultural project manager ;
  • wedding planner ;
  • festival director;
  • show organizer.

What are the Sup de Pub event and communication courses?

Sup de Pub offers training in the field of communication and events. As an example, students in their4th year are learning the “Marketing & Event Productiontrack. Upon completion of the course, Bachelors in Events should be able to:

  • implement an event strategy;
  • manage an event in its entirety : from conception to organization;
  • know the tools necessary to promote an event (sponsorship, trade fairs, CSR…);

Manage and produce content (digital marketing, community management, blog management).


Updated 11 March 2024