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Are you interested in communication? Do you want to train in this field and one day end up working in it? It is important to have a better understanding of communication training. This article will serve as a guide and will also outline the training and specializations in communication, as well as the path to follow.

What is a communication training?

The communications training program is designed to take you from the basics to the practice of the profession. It is up to you to choose between a short and a longer course depending on your objectives and needs.

Training is a must if you want to become an expert in the field, especially if it is communication. Indeed, this sector is very broad and the tools, techniques and strategies to master are numerous. Ideally, you should go to an institution, school or specialized facility to guide you.

What are the training courses and specializations in communication?

Communication is so broad that it is used in many other industries. These include marketing, media, strategy, human relations and digital. As everything is communication and it is present in different sectors, the specializations in communication are then just as numerous.

If at the time of choosing your training, you can opt for a specific program such as :

  • political communication;
  • institutional communication ;
  • communication strategies;
  • the culture of communication;
  • communication and writing,

When choosing your specialization, you may want to consider :

  • digital communication;
  • visual communication ;
  • corporate communication;
  • community management ;
  • digital marketing.

Which training for communication officer ?

Thejob of communication manager is one of the most popular jobs today. If you want to get there, the ideal is of course to follow a training in communication. That said, you need to know more about the position to determine what training you need to get there.

Being a communication manager implies, in simple terms, defining all communication actions within the company you work for. This task requires many skills, including the mastery of certain tools.

Also known as “information officer”, the communication officer must have a good knowledge of new information and communication technologies.

Therefore, to acquire all these skills and be sure to get the job, the ideal is to do a long cycle of 5 years. However, the job of communication manager can be done after a BTS in communication or a DUT Information and Communication which only involve a 2 year training.

You can also opt for a bachelor’s degree in information and communication, a pro communication degree or a bachelor’s degree in communication.

What is the communication training course at Sup de Pub?

An excellent alternative to train in communication with the best is to join a communication school like Sup de Pub. It was one of the first schools of communication. Today, it still offers a variety of programs to help you master the field and the latest developments in the industry.

At Sup de Pub, the training course in communication takes place as follows:

In the 1styear year

At Sup de Pub, the1st year is dedicated to teaching the basics. This is why, for example, communication culture, strategies and languages are taught.

In the2nd year

The2nd year program at Sup de Pub consists in reversing the basics already acquired while subtly inserting other elements of communication. This is where you learn about digital communication, global communication, communication and writing, and visual and digital creation.

In3rd year

In thethird year, you can begin to choose your direction for your specialization. You can then opt for global communication, visual and digital creation, brand strategy, digital communication and communication and writing.

In 4th year

In the4th year, you are given the choice to follow a sandwich course or not. It is about completing your theoretical knowledge with practical experience in a company.

In the 5th year

In the 5th year, you finish both your academic training and your work experience. When you graduated, you specialized in Art Direction & Advertising Creation, Creation & Graphic Design, Communication & Audiovisual Production, Art Direction & Visual Design or Digital Design.

Are the Sup de Pub communication courses certifying?

By choosing to follow your communication training at Sup de Pub, you are sure to have, at the end of it, a level 7 certified diploma for a 5 year program. For additional information, you can always visit our website and/or our FAQ section.


Updated 11 March 2024