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Digital marketing is a very broad field. Many companies go into this business without any idea of what they are getting into. Often, their failure is programmed. Digital marketing books and courses are available as well as online campaigns, but that’s not enough. So, how do you go about training for digital marketing? This article will help you choose the right training for your goals.

how to train in the digital marketing sector?

You can find digital marketing training at many types of institutions. These range from schools specializing in computer science or communication to colleges dedicated to marketing professions. You can also take digital marketing courses as part of your university curriculum, if you are a student.

Schools specialized in digital marketing are the ideal solution for those who want to train in the digital marketing sector (web marketing or e-commerce, web programmers, community managers, SEO and SEA). However, not all digital marketing training is created equal. We advise you to check the admission requirements as well as the level and quality of the courses offered by the institution.

Digital marketing training from your business school is also an interesting solution. Indeed, business schools often offer high value-added training. The courses at these schools are sometimes more specialized, as they allow you to discover marketing in its entirety.

In digital marketing training, you’ll find courses that teach you skills in online sales and marketing strategy, as well as website and blog creation. You can also choose more academic courses, for example, e-commerce courses or digital marketing courses.

Digital marketing trainings are essential for anyone who wants to approach the world of digital marketing. We advise you to find training courses that correspond to you and that will be adapted to your objectives.

why would you want to train in digital marketing?

The role of digital marketing is central to any business. Digital communication has a direct impact on the growth of a company. Developing your knowledge in the field of digital marketing is therefore essential. You will have a better chance of finding a job in a company by doing a specialized training in digital marketing.

Digital marketing training is a long training (from 2 years to several years). It provides knowledge in the fields of marketing, computer science and new technologies. All this in order to communicate and sell better. Although digital marketing training is not mandatory to become a marketer, it is recommended. Indeed, in order to face the competition, an online visibility is essential.

can we learn digital marketing in college?

There are few faculties that offer specialized training in digital marketing. However, the student can take courses close to digital marketing. He can opt for a pro license or a BUT. Then he continued his studies in a school of communication or business. Indeed, the training requires a good base in marketing and computer science (programming, computer languages).

how to train in digital marketing in business school or in communication school?

Business schools offer short courses (from 1st to 2nd cycle) in digital marketing. The digital marketing training in business school takes place in two years.

Then, to further their education, students can specialize in digital marketing throughout their professional lives.

Communication schools also offer training in digital marketing and e-marketing.

These courses are in high demand. Indeed, communication schools, such as Sup de pub, offer specialized training. The student can study digital communication from the first year and continue to the 5th year.

Most of the training courses offered in schools specializing in digital marketing can be done on a sandwich basis. This training allows you to gain professional experience in the field of digital marketing and to have a more concrete vision of the profession. Students are thus more aware of the practical aspect of digital marketing jobs.

how to join Sup de Pub to train in digital marketing ?

Admission to Sup de Pub is by competitive examination. All you have to do is send your application online to our school. You must emphasize your qualities and your motivation to enter the school. You must attach to your application a school certificate, a letter of motivation and a CV. For SP1, the CV is not mandatory. Contact our admissions officer for more information.

Which course to choose at Sup de Pub to learn about digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a fast-moving field. The student can choose the digital communication course at Sup de Pub. In this course, he will learn all aspects of communication and digital marketing. He will be studying for 5 years. At the end of his training, he will acquire an RNCP certificate, level 7.


Updated 11 March 2024