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Companies have realized that a good marketing strategy is the key to success. Thus, they ensure that it is well developed and managed. For this, they need the marketing manager. He is the conductor of all operations that come from the marketing department. It is responsible for ensuring the performance of the implemented strategy. Zoom on this job.

What is a marketing manager?

The Marketing Manager is responsible for the sales and marketing strategy. It is the one who takes care of the marketing operations of a company. It promotes the products or services of the company.

To do this, he studies the project needs and the market. Moreover, he must know the latter perfectly. He also analyzes the competition to see what trends and techniques are already being used.

Based on the results of his studies, he determines the objectives, the product to promote and the ideal target. He also chooses the right time to launch his project. Then, he puts together a detailed strategy taking into account these criteria.

It sets up actions to promote the product. This involves the development of the advertising campaign, the choice of appropriate communication channels and media communication techniques. He supervises the entire marketing team and communicates the business objectives to them.

His role is not limited to promoting a product or brand image, he optimizes sales. Indeed, the solutions it offers contribute to a tenfold increase in sales. He makes sure that investments are profitable so that his company makes the maximum profit. He also scans the market for new opportunities for his employer.

What are the missions of the Marketing Manager?

The missions of the Marketing Manager are countless. He is a multi-tasker, a jack of all trades. The extent of his responsibilities depends on the size of the company that hired him. Here is a list of what he does on a daily basis:

  • He studies the market and the competitors to determine the positioning of his brand.
  • he analyzes the developments on the market which concerns his company.
  • it carries out a watch to determine the needs of the consumers and their mode of consumption.
  • It implements a marketing and sales strategy.
  • he sets up the sales strategy to boost them.
  • it defines, enhances and disseminates the brand image.
  • he chooses the distribution policy, the channels for the diffusion to promote a product.
  • he develops the marketing plan.
  • it improves sales and turnover.
  • It is responsible for measuring sales performance and audience growth.
  • It implements corrective actions to improve results.
  • He manages and directs his marketing team with an iron fist. It also distributes tasks and monitors results.

Why become a Marketing Manager?

Becoming a Marketing Manager has many advantages. You are in a key position to ensure the success of the company. You gain a certain esteem at the hierarchical level. Your numerous missions encourage motivation.

In addition to these benefits, you will receive a salary commensurate with your responsibilities.

It allows you to live in comfort. Depending on the company, it is possible to receive additional performance bonuses and benefits. This can be company housing, a company car, fuel for your trips.

Moreover, it was found that the employment opportunities are quite high in this sector. So, even if the competition is tough, you have every chance after graduation. After significant experience, you can move up to the position of Marketing Director.

How much does a Marketing Manager earn?

The remuneration received by a marketing manager varies according to his/her profile and the size of the company. However, the median salary is still very good. It is between 3,500 and 4,000 euros gross per month. That is, up to 43,000 euros per year.

A senior executive has the opportunity to earn up to 5,000 euros per month. For a beginner, the amount is 2,500 euros per month.

What are the educational requirements for becoming a Marketing Manager?

To become a Marketing Manager, you must study marketing. In order to optimize your chances, you should have at least a bachelor’s degree, the best case being a bachelor’s degree. Our advertising school Sup de pub is able to train you for this profession. We award our students the RNCP level 7 title at the end of their studies. It is a state-recognized diploma that corresponds to a Master’s degree.

We offer the following specializations:

  • Marketing & Communication of Cultural and Creative Industries ;
  • Marketing, management and media production;
  • Marketing & CSR communication;
  • Innovation Marketing & New Business ;
  • Marketing & Communication of Luxury.
Updated 11 March 2024