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After studying communication, it may not be clear what your chosen profession will be. A degree in communication allows you to be versatile and to have a wide range of professional choices. There are many options, and one may wonder what job to do after studying communication. You can be a communications officer in a company or work in an advertising agency. The communication profession is very open and it is possible to envisage many different careers. Below are some ideas.

Which job families can be envisaged after studying communication ?

After studying communication, you can consider various job families. The truth is, most people who follow this path of study are not yet sure what they want to do next. But there will be no shortage of options. Ideally, you should research the job market to choose a trade family. Perhaps you want to pursue a career in advertising or marketing.

Working in digital after studying communication

You can also turn to digital. Whether in a communications agency or as a freelancer, you will have the opportunity to create websites, applications, and other digital media. To do this, you must have a good knowledge of digital tools. This is a growing field, and companies that specialize in digital content creation are regularly looking for qualified personnel in the sector.

Working in public relations and the press after studying communication

You can also turn to public relations and the press. Even though it is a traditional profession, it is a growing field, as more and more people want to keep up with the latest news. You will work on the creation of press releases, and may also advise companies on their communication strategy.

Working in events and advertising after studying communication

The communication and marketing business has undergone considerable development in recent years. And those who are interested in it have more and more choices for their careers, because of the many new fields that have emerged. For example, the world of events and advertising are very promising fields. If you’ve studied communication, chances are you’ll want to be a part of it.

how to become a communications manager after studying communications

You have studied communication but you have trouble using it? Do you want to work as a communications officer? Here are some tips. First, it is essential to know your area of expertise. Then, you also need a good command of communication tools. You also need to master marketing tools such as advertising, communication campaigns and direct marketing.

For the position of communications officer, you must be a good listener and diplomat. You must also have a sense of organization, rigor and responsiveness. It is important to remember that the job of communications officer is very similar to that of an assistant. Just like a corporate communications manager. You will have to deal with external relations, manage the agenda, organize meetings. You then have several choices: to be in charge of internal or external communication.

how to become a press officer after studying communication ?

The job of communications officer is often confused with that of press officer. However, there is a difference between the two. Indeed, a press officer must deal with the communication of a product or a company, while a communication officer deals with the global communication of a company or an organization. It is therefore a very versatile job.

The job of press officer is not an easy one and requires a certain number of qualities: you must have a sense of diplomacy and know how to make yourself known to journalists. However, if you are passionate about the media, you can go for it.

why become a community manager after studying communication?

Why become a community manager? First of all, you should know that the job of community manager is very lucrative. Moreover, it is often easier to practice than other communication jobs thanks to the enthusiasm of large companies for this sector. In addition, having a background in communication can be an advantage for the community manager who wants to develop a website or a community.

Community management is a job of the future. The community manager manages the social networks of a company and must establish a link between Internet users and the company. This is a job where you have to know how to communicate.

why become an event project manager after studying communication ?

The event project manager is an exciting job that consists of organizing events to promote a brand. You must be able to work in a team, have a good command of computer tools and be able to manage a budget.

In this profession, you can work in different sectors: advertising, sports or cultural.


Updated 11 March 2024