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You are creative and want to work in the event industry? Do you have all the personal qualities needed to enter a career in this field? You are considering your studies according to your professional project, but you don’t know which school to attend to work in the event industry? This is the subject of our article.

In summary:

To work in the event industry:

  • Above all, you need a passion for the field and a lot of creativity.
  • You should ideally be trained in a school of marketing, tourism or communication.
  • You need to acquire skills quickly.
  • Alternation is an excellent option.

Is it necessary to go to a communication school to work in the event industry?

First of all, event management is a field closely linked to communication. If you go to a communication school, you can then have access to most of the jobs in the event industry. However, going through this type of institution is far from being an obligation even if it can greatly help the student.

You can very well do a BTS in tourism, for example, before continuing your studies in a bachelor’s degree if you want.

Why study in a school to work in the event industry?

There is no obligation to go to a particular school to work in the event industry. You have the opportunity to start a career or even start your own business and offer your services without having a degree. However, it should be mentioned that it is a very competitive environment for the same reasons.

Therefore, going through a marketing or communications school can go a long way in building your network. It may even help you get your first work experience. Indeed, by joining a school of communication like Supdepub, you can take advantage of the partnerships that exist between the school and companies to do internships, for example.

Also, the alternation is an excellent option to obtain your degree and do your practice in a company at the same time. This is the way to gain experience quickly and to be operational as soon as you finish your training. Check out all the available programs of study on the Subdepub website and go to the FAQ section if you need additional information.

How do I get into a school to work in the event industry?

If you want to join a school to work in the event industry and get the right training, you must first have your bachelor’s degree. Next, it is up to you to choose the level of study for the degree you want to obtain. By choosing to do a BTS or a DUT, you will only need to do 2 years of studies.

You can also opt for a bachelor’s degree, a licence pro or a bachelor. The majority of communication and marketing schools generally require you to pass a competitive exam and then an interview to be admitted to their institution. Some schools, on the other hand, proceed by file selection.

The admission requirements are generally the same for doing a master’s degree and working in event management. It goes without saying that you can opt for a Bachelor’s degree and choose to continue your studies much later. All you have to do is to find out about the school you want to attend beforehand and follow the admissions instructions.

How many years do you have to study in school to work in the event industry?

You can access certain jobs in the events industry with a BTS, a diploma with a 2-year degree. Sometimes you can even work in the event industry without a degree. However, if you want to reach a position of responsibility, you must have at least a master’s degree, which is obtained after 5 years of study.

A bachelor’s degree can also give you access to a large number of jobs in the event industry. However, you must make up for your lack of training with experience before you can land a management position.

Which school should I choose to work in the event industry?

To work in the event industry, the ideal choice is to go to a school of marketing and/or communication. Supdepub is an excellent alternative. It offers many programs from which you can choose the one that interests you the most, for example, you can choose to study global communication. You can then choose to specialize in marketing and communication of cultural and creative industries for the4th and5th years.


Updated 23 February 2023