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In communication, training comes in various forms. They can be given in class, in e-learning or in alternating courses. To make the right choice, you need to know what each school offers. In this sense, what are the training courses in communication? Here we present you with the different training options that will allow you to better understand your path to success in your communication training.

what communication courses are offered to students in higher education?

It is possible to pursue graduate studies in communication. There are different levels of graduate studies in communication. The first level is a master’s degree, which can be only two years or three years. The first option is to do a GOAL, which is a two-year study. The second is to enter the faculty by validating a licence or a licence pro. The student can continue to a master’s degree. Alternatively, they can opt for business or communication schools. He can thus do a bac+4 or bac+5 in communication, with a specialty of his choice.

how to join a communication course in a specialized school?

The first thing to do is to choose an institution that offers the type of training you want. Thus, you can integrate a school of communication.
You can also opt for a school by very different field, such as: an advertising school or a business school or a school of journalism.

The communication courses offered by Sup de Pub are very complete and diversified, and they aim to help students succeed in their studies.
They give you the opportunity to acquire professional skills to stand out.

Some of these courses are: digital, events, media, production, strategy, marketing, advertising, management, political communication, UX, design, institutional communication . At the end of the training, the student will obtain an RNCP certificate, level 7 (bac +5). The certificate is recognized by the state.

how to enroll in a BTS communication course?

To register for a BTS, you must go through Parcours sup. Registration is done by file selection. You must apply for registration and fill out the necessary documents (application form, cover letter, CV).

You can get all this information from your institution. Once the file is completed, all you have to do is wait. The results are returned within one month. If you are accepted, you will have to pay a registration fee. This includes administrative registration and the annual membership fee.

how to enroll in a communication program at the university?

In case you want to enroll in a communication course at university, you must first choose the right university that suits your plans.

Next, you must choose the time of year you wish to take your training. It is possible to do an internship in a company during the entire duration of your training. To register, you must first go to the university’s website. Then, you can go to Parcours sup to forward your registration file. Going on Parcoursup is mandatory for the first registrations. Once validated, you will receive a notice and can proceed to the final registration.

what is the content of a communication training?

In general, communication training consists of a general culture course and a communication training part. The general culture course aims to provide a detailed knowledge of the world and its history.

Conversely, communication training is designed to help students develop skills in the following areas:

  • conflict management ;
  • literature search;
  • writing ;
  • strategic planning;
  • corporate law ;
  • financial analysis;
  • interpersonal communication;
  • crisis management;
  • public relation ;
  • corporate communication.

But as communication evolves, students in communication schools also study digital. In this sense, they will generally learn how social networks and other media work.

what are the opportunities of a communication training?

Do you want a job in communications? You’re wondering what opportunities are available with a communications degree. This is a legitimate question. There are many opportunities in the field of communication.

Indeed, even if the field of communication is quite vast, it is not easy to know which training to choose and which job to do after its training. There are many opportunities in communications. Indeed, there are many industries that are looking for advertisers and marketers. Here are just a few examples of sectors: the pharmaceutical industry, media, aeronautical marketing, financial services, insurance, film production or the entertainment industry. Thus, the student can choose to work in institutional communication, event communication, advertising communication or social communication.


Updated 21 February 2023