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A powerful network of 10,000 graduates

With 35 years of experience, we have no less than 10,000 students among our alumni today!

The alumni, as they are called, all have very different backgrounds. Entrepreneurs and start-up founders, executives of large companies like Universal Pictures, in middle management positions… This brings a great diversity of profiles in this large network. This network is useful to the students since they are sometimes asked to meet them during seminars or competitions organized at the school.

Le Guide des 100

Pour connaître tous les profils des anciens de Sup de Pub, n’hésitez pas à consulter notre guide complet !




Meet the Alumni Honorary President

Nous ne nous sommes jamais perdus de vue avec ma promo, c’est ce lien précieux qu’il faut absolument maintenir !

Julien Noble

Directeur Marketing Universal Pictures, promo 2008

Elected for two years, Julien Noble, himself an alumnus, has always remained very involved in the school and knows perfectly well the importance of the network! Over the next two years, his mission will be to continue to bring together this large community of alumni around different projects, to organize meetings, to advise, to be able to listen to proposals, to federate former and current students around the same network, sometimes common projects, and to promote exchanges and professional integration.
We would like to thank Julien Noble for accepting this position and for bringing his expertise to a new and essential mission for Sup de Pub.

Memories of our elders

Discover all their projects

Many start-ups and companies are launched by our alumni. Take a look at these various projects, sometimes incubated by Sup de Pub and the INSEEC U. group, sometimes launched independently.


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Updated 26 April 2022