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Brand Strategy is the emblematic profession of advertising agencies worldwide. It leads to jobs such as head of advertising, marketing manager or account planner often managing accounts worth millions of Euros.

Goals, skills and abilities

With 2 of the world’s top 10 agency holding companies (Publicis Groupe and Havas) based in Paris as well as a slew of global and European adverstisers (L’Oréal, Evian, Danone, Carrefour, Renault, Peugeot, Orange, Orangina, Michelin, Perrier, and LMVH…) based in France, studying brand strategy with INSEEC School of Communications in Paris puts students within easy reach of these major industry players.

This 5th year program is designed for students wishing to benefit from an international experience in an English-language program. Our aim is to give students the theoretical background knowledge as well as practical insights into the design, production and placement of advertising campaigns. Our curriculum allows rapid integration into a professional environment where INSEEC School of Communication is a well-known and respected institution for over 30 years. Our lecturers, who are also industry professionals, teach our students the skills and knowledge they are looking for in their future employees.

A number of seminars in trending areas such as Blockchain Technology, Storytelling, Digital Myths & Reality etc. are organised throughout the programme in order to maintain a high level of cutting-edge relevance. The programme is highlighted by two major communication competitions  which take place at the end of the course period :

  • A competition in which the three Paris Anglophone Masters at Sup de Pub (International Brand Strategy, Digital Marketing and Luxury Brand Management) pitch against their London Sup de Pub counterparts.
  • The EDCOM competition which involves communication schools all across Europe and beyond.


Bac+4, TOEIC : 680, B2 Level, a good general culture, to be in constant watch over the news

Careers :

Director of Communication (internal and external)
Marketing Director


Media Planning
Account Planning
Social Media
The art of pitching
PR Strategies
Brand Management
Marketing research
Consumer Behavior

60 crédits ECTS
455 hours
Titre Certifié par l’Etat niveau I (Fr) et Niveau 7 (Européen)
Manager, Marketing et Commercial option International brand strategy and Marketing
Code RNCP 23639

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Professional Project

At the end of the 5th year, the students must defend before a committee, a Professional Personal Project in order to graduate whether they studied in France or abroad. The professional project is the creation of a new start-up business with students working in groups of 3 or 4. Whether the business is a new product or service, this exercise encourages students to develop their managerial, financial skills as well as the knowledge of business law,
Sup de Pub encourages its students to embark on the entrepreneurial adventure. At the end of SP5, the best professional projects benefit from one year of hosting within the INSEEC Group’s business incubator and two other specialist incubators.


One of our students’ favourite moments of the school year is the final competition. Sup de Pub wanted to find a way to closely approximate the experience of working in an agency to allow our students to develop their professionalism. For more than a week, students, working in interdisciplinary groups, work on a practical case presented by a large advertiser or a large agency, to answer a specific strategic, marketing or creative problem. Creative students, strategists, PR, media and digital specialists all work together with the goal of using their various skills to create a real solution of professional quality. Many students have found internships with the presenting agencies or advertisers because of the impression they have made during the competitions.

Our added value

Work-linked training is possible for students who follow the Paris Program

Students can find their company thanks to the Career Center such as « contrat de professionnalisation, contrat d’apprentissage, convention PPE »… They also help them for interview coaching, resume writing, job search…

Planning Alternance Avril

Planning Alternance Octobre

Students who choose the London Program follow a full time program and can also find a traineeship thanks to the career center.

Intake in September

Planning 5ème année SP5

From September to January : courses
From February to July : internship
September : Defense of the professional project

Intake in September

Financing of studies

Prix de la formation : 9 450€
A l’inscription : Acompte de 1050€ (dont 100€ de frais de dossier)
Financement de la formation continue

This program is recognized by the French government (RNCP) and culminates in a “Manager de la Communication et du Marketing Digital, certification de niveau I” certification.

Testimonials :

Chairman Publicis Communications


Samuel Cranston
Mentor of the International Brand Strategy program

Professor of International Marketing and Communications in France and abroad.
Director of the English language International Brand Strategy Masters at SUP de PUB Paris

Over 30 years working experience in international marketing et communication (strategy, copywriting, transcreation – translation)
Began working in advertising as a translator in Paris and then became a freelance copywriter and strategic consultant helping both advertisers and their agencies to craft more effective international strategies especially where cultural sensitivities are concerned.
Clients have included advertisers and agencies alike. Among them several international exhibitions (EXPOSIUM, SIAL CHINA, AGORA, ELEC..), Sony, Seat, Hard Rock Café, Planet Hollywood, Patagonia, Microsoft, Publicis, Grey, MDIC

Today he lectures in several schools and universites in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon and abroad (Greece, Czech Republic, China and the US)