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Academic calendar / Fall 2O22

Official dates of semester – August 26 to december 21, 2022

Mandatory Welcome Session – August 26, 2022

French Bootcamp – August 29-31, 2022

Classes Start Date – September 1, 2022

Classes end date – December 21, 2022

APPLICATION DETAILS (for exchange students only)

Language requirements

B2 level (European Framework)in English or French depending on the language of the programme.


Nomination on Mobility Online (link here): Before April 15th.

Application on Mobility Online (nominated students will receive the link via email): Before May 1st.

Application documents

The following documents will be requested on the platform:

  • ID picture
  • Copy of ID or Passport (if non-European)
  • Resume
  • Transcripts of records of higher education
  • Language certificate of English or French from home university
  • Copy of European Health Insurance Card or Private insurance (if non-European)


An offical acceptance letter will be ready for download on Mobility Online by the end of May.

Contact information


Head of International Relations

+33 1 56 07 09 52

Address: 10 rue Sextius Michel 75015 Paris – FRANCE


Undergraduate programs

Taught in French

SP3 Stratégies des Marques – Paris

  • Histoire de la publicité
  • Advertising English
  • 3 compétitions
  • Réseaux sociaux
  • La stratégie publicitaire
  • Planning Stratégique
  • Copy Strat
  • Audience Planning
  • Pack Marketing
  • Web Marketing

SP3 Création Visuelle et Digitale – Paris

  • Histoire de la Publicité
  • Advertising English
  • Culture DA
  • Stratégie
  • Sup de Team
  • Conception Rédaction
  • Création Pub
  • Concept Visuel
  • Dessin / Typo
  • Identité Visuelle
  • PAO : InDesign / Photoshop
  • Montage

SP3 Communication Digitale – Paris

  • Histoire de la publicité
  • Advertising English
  • 3 compétitions
  • Web design / Motion design
  • PAO
  • Séminaire Marketing d’Influence
  • Audience Planning
  • Activation Digitale
  • Management de projets digitaux
  • Reférencement
  • Web marketing
  • Montage

SP3 Communication Globale – Paris

  • Histoire de la Publicité
  • Advertising English
  • 3 compétitions
  • Communication Evénementielle
  • Career Day
  • Stratégie de com / Suivi compet
  • Droit de la Com
  • Webmarketing
  • Planning Stratégique
  • PAO
  • Technique de communication orale
  • Revue d’actualité
  • Audience planning

SP3 Communication & Rédaction – Paris

  • Histoire de la publicité
  • Advertising English
  • 3 compétitions
  • Agilité créative
  • Conception Rédaction : accroche/idée
  • Sup de Team
  • Création Publicitaire
  • Stratégie CR : insight
  • La DA pour les nuls
  • Construire son book
  • Rédaction et digital
  • Décrypter le travail des agences
  • Culture DA
  • Développement créatif personnel

UnderGraduate (3rd year) and graduate programs

Taught in English

Digital Marketing, Innovation and Start-Up Project

  • Traffic Acquisition and SEO
  • Consumer and Data Marketing
  • Start-up Methods
  • Social Media Pub
  • Social Media CM
  • Chatbot workshop
  • Digital Communication
  • Web Analytics
  • Data Management
  • Design Thinking / UX design
  • Integration
  • Spoken Communication
  • Project Management
  • American Business Culture

International Brand Strategy & Marketing

  • Advertising language in the international context
  • Customer Experience
  • International Marketing
  • Marketing Research Workshop
  • Account Planning
  • The Art of Pitching
  • Comparative Media Literacy
  • Social Media
  • People Skills
  • Brands Rules & Regulations
  • Medias Trends and British Brands
  • Trendspotting
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Brand Management
  • PR Strategies

Luxury Brand Communication & Marketing

  • Luxury Brand Strategies
  • Luxury product development & innovation
  • Luxury PR & sponsoring
  • Sustainable Luxury
  • Merchandising Strategy
  • Luxury ebusiness
  • Intercultural marketing
  • Luxury & Fashion Advertising
  • Luxury Event Management (+fashion show)
  • Butler services
  • Cultural influence on Brand communication
  • Luxury communication project
  • E-reputation & new medias
  • Digital Luxury
  • Music Branding in Luxury
  • Sharing Economy
  • Visits

Visual Creativity in advertising

  • Creative project management
  • Creative direction
  • Art direction and copywriting
  • International Branding and visual design culture inspiration
  • Strategic planning
  • Advanced level 1 in design software
  • Communication Law
  • Motion Design
  • Narasson
  • Art Direction and Risography
  • Video editing and post-production
  • Art direction and Advertising
  • Drawing and Sketching
  • Mobile application design
  • Filmmaking workshop

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Instagram : @supdepub_international

We are proud to share this visual:

La vie en Sup de Pub*

inspired by @dellialepadatu, a very talented Erasmus+ student from our partner National University of Politcial Studies and Public Administration in Romania.

*in reference to « La vie en rose. »

Dessin La vie en Sup de Pub


Our programmes put students in close contact with agencies and advertisers, allowing them to start building their professional network. Our professional teachers constantly update their classes to ensure that students have the cutting edge knowledge employers are searching for.

Sup de Pub’s programmes have been designed by our professors to provide the necessary information and skills to excel in a specific sector of the communication and marketing field. That’s why students are required to take all the courses in a given programme and cannot mix courses of different programmes.

About us

Since 1986, Sup de Pub is training students in
the fields of advertising, communication,
creative design, marketing and digital.

As the majority of our professors are
professionals, they can provide our students
with insights of the latest trends and
development in the industry, shaping them into
the future employees that they themselves are
looking for.

The school often organizes large events such
as masterclasses with famous guests,
advertising competitions or fashion shows. It
also benefits from an important and very active
alumni network, facilitating students’
introduction to the professional world.
Sup de Pub has become over the years a major
actor of specialized higher education recognized by professionals for its
innovative pedagogy and its program offer,
fitting companies needs at its best.

We are a proud member of EDCOM, the European
Institute for Commercial Communications Education.
This network counts members from more than 14
different countries, who meet every year to exchange
best practices and work together for cultural diversity
in Communication education.

Advertising competition

Our advertising competition is always a hit moment in the semester. Students split into interdisciplinary teams and receive a brief from a real client
(Kitkat, Lego, Sephora…).

Students spend two weeks working on their campaigns and present in front of a jury of professionals.

paris CAMPUS

Omnes Education’s campus in Paris is located a few
steps away from the Eiffel Tower, at the heart
of Paris. The « Campus Eiffel » is a great place
where students, professors and professionals
meet to study, work and exchange ideas.
It was specifically designed to help students complete
their studies with a great quality of life thanks to:

  • a contemporary space with several buildings gathered
    around a large wooded courtyard
  • amphitheaters
  • a recording studio
  • a media center
  • a cafeteria & lounge area
Campus Paris Sup de Pub tour eiffel



Sup de Pub does not offer student housing.
The International Office however assists students in finding accommodation. An accommodation Guide is sent to students once admission is confirmed. It will provide tips and trustworthy housing options.

Visa Requirements

Non-EU students must check visa requirements to study in France and contact the French Consulate from their home country.
Other contact: Campus France

Class Timetable

Available upon arrival

Grading System

A: 17.00‐20.00 Excellent
B: 14.00‐16.99 Very good
C: 12.00‐13.99 Good
D: 10.00‐11.99 Acceptable
E: 8.00‐9.99 Passable
F: 0.00-7.99 Failing

Credit Transfer

Recognition / Transfer of credits by home institution

Health Insurance

EU Students provide a copy of their European health insurance card Non-EU students register to the French Social Security online (for free) and need to subscribe to a private international insurance of their choice.

Estimated Expenses

These costs per month are approximate. Housing: 750€ – 950€ Transportation: 75€ (unlimited in Paris and its region) Food: 300€


Attendance to all classes and events is mandatory unless specified otherwise

Transcripts of records

Available within 6 weeks after the end of the semester

Michael from Austria

Andrea from Romania

Laura from Spain

Monica from Romania

Natalia from the nETHERLANDS

Marina from spain

Giulia from iTALY

Aline from brazil

Francesca from iTALY

Sara from Spain

Laura from Spain

Amanda from Sweden

Stiven from the united states

Danielle from Sweden

ula leva FROM Lithuania

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