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Paris, Lyon


The cultural sector has never changed so much in recent years. The new expectations of the public have accelerated this evolution, rethinking the experience as well as access to artists and cultural events.

The courses

Enseignements principaux

Develop and propose a communication campaign

Brand strategy and cultural marketing, audience trends and understanding, cultural communication,
digital strategy adapted to the culture

Understand the specificities of the cultural sector

Cultural policies and regulations, financing and budgeting, sector expertise: site visits
cultural events and masterclasses

Mastering cultural events

Design & production of a cultural event, introduction to UX culture: your audiences at the heart of
experience, events and social responsibilities

Design and produce content

Storyliving, new formats and live content, cultural experiences & innovations in visitor paths,
community management and animation

Training in cultural project management

Analysis of the environment, definition of a concept, budget, retroplanning and communication campaign

Objectifs, compétences et aptitudes

The world of culture and the arts having increasing difficulties in finding funding and other assistance
brands are very interested in the production of cultural content to include it in their
communication strategies. The coherence of the devices must allow to reinforce the relationship of the communities
with the brand while supporting their marketing objectives.

Digital, social networks and new technologies have profoundly transformed the cultural industries.
This is only the beginning: new cultural and artistic formats will be offered to the general public, from
new modes of distribution and of course new modes of production (NFT) and financing.

This program of marketing and communication of culture and the arts is part of this modernity of
formats, trends, business and processes, with speakers coming from institutions, as well as
companies that have appeared in these sectors in recent years and have become unavoidable. It trains the
students to highlight these cultural and artistic projects.

Plus pédagogiques et évaluation

The validation of the year is done by obtaining 60 ECTS by different evaluation methods (case study, simulation, questionnaire ….). Some time in the company is also required.

Competitions :

For two weeks, students must work on a real-life practical case presented by a large
advertiser or a large agency, to respond to a specific strategic, marketing or creative issue.

Big talk:

A flagship event at the end of the year, students present their arguments to a jury of professionals on a
and trends in the fields of communication and marketing and defend their point of view

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Our added value

Quality speakers

All courses are taught by professionals in the field of communication, marketing or business.
creation. The pedagogy allows the application of knowledge.

Professional accompaniment

The company service helps students find their internship (full-time or alternating). They also benefit from personalized support with CV and cover letter coaching.


The program focuses on immersive situations and innovative formats that punctuate the year (conferences, visits, bootcamp, hackathon).

OMNES Education Digital Library

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To justify a validated Bac+3 (180 ECTS) or a
Level 6 certification or equivalent,
primarily in the areas of communication,
marketing, digital, management and
meet the admission tests.


This program provides 60 ECTS credits and delivers in the 5th year the RNCP certification “ Manager of communication and marketing ” of level 7 (RNCP code 34492 | diploma code 16X32020).

Tuition and Financing

  • Lyon Campus:
    Initial training: 9 300€.
    Work-study program: €9,550
  • Paris Campus:
    Initial training: 9 350€.
    Work experience : 9 650€.

Back to school and rhythms

Back to school in September
Courses: September to April in alternation
Full time company: April to September.

Back to school in April
Full time company: April to September.
Courses: September to April in alternation

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The jobs accessible after this training

  • Manager of cultural projects
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Cultural Marketing Officer
  • Sponsorship Manager

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