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why choose the Bachelor in Event Marketing ?

This 3rd professional year of the Bachelor’s degree is punctuated by the acquisition of specific skills in event marketing, from production to the creation of events in all their aspects. This Bachelor’s degree in event management will also provide you with a vision of communication and media, in the service of the event’s influence. Through various projects, scenarios, practical exercises and competitions, you will be able to apply your skills. You will also benefit from a unique international experience, a real plus in your course.

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What are the courses in the Bachelor of Event Marketing ?

principaux cours

  • Event culture: trends and novelties, actors, venues, scenarization, etc.
  • Deciphering events and their devices
  • Management and deployment of event projects: organization planning, room rental, budget, logistics, management of service providers…
  • Communication strategy and plan
  • Media and non-media strategy
  • Negotiation, tender management and budget construction
  • Promotion of events and digitalization of events
  • Engineering and visual identity
  • Graphic production

Objectifs, compétences et aptitudes

Develop skills that are recognized and sought after in the event communication market.

Event-based communication is at the heart of the strategy of goods and services companies. It is part of a product launch strategy as well as a more global brand awareness strategy. You will learn how to design an event project in line with the company’s marketing objectives, offering physical, online or phygital events. Companies are looking for expert, agile and creative profiles, capable of proposing ideas and anticipating expectations and needs throughout an event.

Contribute to the multi-media communication strategy

You will approach communication and events in all their dimensions, thanks to the different pedagogical exercises (projects, competitions, application exercises). You can then stage them in different sectors: in tourism, for companies, for brands in BtoB or BtoC, in the public domain or even for associations, in connection with art, fashion or culture, etc.

Designing a multimedia communication plan

Through this Bachelor’s degree in event management, you will learn to build and write a recommendation for an event, to propose concepts and to manage the organization of a project, in accordance with the company’s communication strategy. You will also learn how to successfully generate content and apply your communication strategy to all media: press, influence, social media …. And measure the results.

To manage multimedia communication actions

You will become familiar with event project management and acquire the skills and techniques necessary to organize various projects. You will then be able to deploy your organizational, scenographic, experiential, budgetary, creative, logistical and security proposals within a framework defined by the clients.

Plus pédagogiques et évaluation

The diploma is awarded by obtaining 60 ECTS through different evaluation methods (case study, simulation, questionnaire ….). Time in the workplace is also required.


During the year, several competitions are organized: students work together, in micro-agencies, on a concrete case study presented by a major advertiser or agency. They have two weeks to respond to a specific strategic, marketing or creative issue.

Projects and implementations

During your work experience, you will have the opportunity to deploy and manage various projects that you will structure with the support of the school, in order to develop your professionalization and build your portfolio.

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Our added value

International in the curriculum

This unique experience both academically and in terms of
cultural, is an opportunity to give your CV an international dimension and to look forward to the future with dynamism! An opportunity to be seized when you know that Sup de Pub has more than 45 partner establishments in the world, including 26 schools or universities in Europe!


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Quality speakers

All courses are taught by professionals in the field of communication, marketing or design. The pedagogy allows the application of the

What are the admission requirements
in Bachelor of Event Marketing ?

To justify a validated Bac+2 (120 ECTS) or a level 5 title or equivalent in the field of communication and to satisfy the admission tests.

What certification is issued
in Bachelor of Event Marketing ?

This program provides 60 ECTS credits and delivers a state-recognized RNCP title in the 5th year.

What are the tuition fees
in Bachelor of Event Marketing ?

  • Paris Campus:
    8 550€ in initial

What are the back-to-school hours and rhythms
in Bachelor of Event Marketing ?

Back to school in September

  • Semester 1 on the Sup de Pub campus.
  • Semester 2 on the campus of one of our 45 partner universities or schools.

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