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Exchange programs in Sup de Pub

Want to join us ? Here you will find all the accessible exchange programs

3rd year – Undergraduate programs

SP3 Communication digitale

SP3 Communication et rédaction

SP3 Communication globale

SP3 Stratégie des marques

Graduate programs – Fourth and Fifth Years*

Digital Marketing, Innovation & Start-up project
Paris  – San Francisco

International Brand Strategy & Marketing 

Luxury Brand Communication & Marketing

*These programs are open to undergraduate students with a solid academic background in Communication Studies

Michael, from Austria

Sup de Pub is an exceptionally good university, which ideally teaches the marketing segment. This experience of being able to study in Paris for a semester will always remain in my memory. I enjoyed my time there very much and recommend Sup de Pub with a clear conscience.

Natalia, from Netherlands

Come to Sup de Pub if you want to see the world through many points of view.

Eleonora, from the Netherlands

Nice to find out about luxury during cultural visits.

Giulia, from Italy

I hope you’ll choose this university because it helps you to learn in a practical way and through many team projects 🙂

Francesca, from Italy

Sup de Pub gave me the opportunity to grow professionally and personally.

Andreea, from Romania

Dear future student, Choose Sup de Pub and you won’t regret a thing. It’s true that you will have a lot of challenges. However everything will be worth it! You will work with different students, you will have diverse projects with applicability in real life, you will learn how to do a campaign based on a brief in 2 weeks, you will learn what a team means, with goods and bads. In the end, YOU WILL LOVE IT! There is more, but you should discover it by yourself.

Beatrice, from Romania

I would say that if you are a really active and motivated person, maybe a little bit workaholic, it is the perfect place to study. I really liked it!

Monica, from Romania

Sup de Pub is a place of high standards. From teachers to students, everyone makes you feel like you can become the best version of yourself in the domain you want to activate. The experience helped me grow a lot and besides, you will be in Paris and this can only mean good times 🙂

Sara, from Spain

It is undoubtedly a unique experience. You learn, you enjoy yourself, you meet people from all over the world and you become a professional.

Laura, from Spain

Sup de Pub’s location is iconic, just a few minutes from the Eiffel Tower. The class atmosphere is very good, people don’t make you feel like a foreigner. If I could come back, I would!

Amanda, from Sweden

You will get to learn from real experts in the field. There is a lot of projects & group works so you will get to know a lot of different people.

Sara, from Sweden

Be prepared for the high tempo and hard work, but you will learn a lot!

Danielle, Sweden

I liked exploring the luxury field with some cultural visits and creating connections with others.

Ula Leva, Lithuania

Sup de Pub is a great choice for an Erasmus. First, because you will be studying in one of the most beautiful cities of Europe – Paris. Besides you will have the opportunity to get high-level professional knowledge in your field of studies, be taught by highly skilled lecturers and learn in an environment where student opinion matters.

Updated 13 January 2022