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Meet the SP4 Public Relations and Influence!

The 4th years in Public Relations, Reputation and Influence attended an exclusive conference. As part of a course in influence marketing, given by Ms. Marine Perreira, Jhon Rachid came to meet our students.

Surrounded by about thirty very attentive students, the web video maker, comedian, comic book author and humorist revealed without taboo the good and bad sides of the partnerships he has encountered with brands. Indeed, he deplores the lack of freedom that brands leave for this kind of partnership. Jhon Rachid also warned about brands that choose influencers for their number of followers, without looking at their content and personality.

Today Jhon Rachid is proud to have built such a loyal and respectful community. For him, building solidarity between his fans is much more important than a public account.

In addition to informing about the best practices of influencer marketing, Jhon Rachid’s speech will have motivated many students to work in the influencer field, a field that has been growing rapidly in recent years.

Jhon Rachid en interview, comment travailler sa créativité ?

Updated 13 May 2022