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Every year, the fourth year students of Sup de Pub participate in the Great Competition. A random team challenge where students must come up with a brand new communication strategy for a client.

l’EFS x Sup de Pub 

For 2022, the SP4 worked for the Etablissement Français du Sang. An organization that can never stop communicating, so great are its needs! The mission of the EFS is to encourage blood donation, an act of citizenship, solidarity and anonymity.

Following the upheavals of the health crisis, students will have to propose a strategy with a communication that adapts to these changes!

Blood is a vital resource that we all have within us and that we can share. Every year, 1 million patients are treated thanks to blood donations. By sharing a little of your blood, you do not deprive yourself of anything but you can help, even save, others.

To accomplish the mission given by the EFS, the SP4 can communicate on 3 axes:

– Raising awareness of the vital importance of blood donation;

– Making the donation experience simple, safe and enjoyable;

– Enhance donor status.

This challenge pushes the students to work on their creativity for the development of a campaign that must reach in particular the new generations.

Winners’ campaigns

Congratulations to the teams PIXEL and BOUM who won this competition. Here are the visuals of their campaigns:

Juliette Rogier, Sup de Pub ambassador, shares her feelings with us!

“The big competition is an extremely rewarding experience. We meet for a week with a team of 10 to 13 students. We don’t know anyone, we all come from different fields of study, so sometimes it’s not easy. It remains a very formative exercise for its important stakes. I was lucky enough to find a great team with good cohesion and lots of ideas.

Updated 13 May 2022